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2021 resolutions of a Master Gardener

By February 9, 2021Beet February 2021

I’m not much on resolutions…but this year I cogitated through January and there are a few things I really want to do:

1. I have a few plants that have just never been happy where they are located. I also have a few plants that require too much labor. This year I will edit those out and replace them with less needy native plants appropriate for those areas.

2. Because I did not update my garden journal last year (due to COVID-19 funk), I don’t remember where my bare spots are. I will plant annuals this year but will fight against my lusty tendency to buy plants without a plan!

3. I promise myself to plant whatever plants I purchase right away! I will not let them languish or dwindle from neglect in their trays.

4. I want to be kinder and gentler to my seeds! Dig out the seed packets stashed in my closet. Plant them or share them with gardening friends.

5. Document my MG volunteer hours as I go; don’t wait until next September and scramble to do it all at once!

6. Take some of the interesting online MG classes offered this year.

7. Help support JCMGA a bit by collecting my soda cans in the blue recycle bags and taking them to the recycling center. Also registering JCMGA as a “giving” partner for all my Amazon purchases.

8. Stay connected with 2020 students. Support their interest and participation in MG programs. Encourage them to come out for work parties at the Extension to make and solidify friendships with existing Master Gardeners.

The days are longer – spring is coming. I’m so ready! I’m looking forward to coming back out to the Demo Gardens and working in my own garden.

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