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JCMGA Ballot – 2022 Board of Directors Nominees

The following JCMGA candidates have been nominated by members and the JCMGA Board's Nominating Committee according to the JCMGA bylaws adopted in September 2018.  Each of the nominees has agreed to serve.  All current JCMGA members are entitled to vote.  Ballots must be received by midnight November 5, 2021, and new officers will be announced at the November 12, 2021, Board meeting and take office January 1, 2022.

If you have a question or problem with the voting process, please contact Patrice Kaska (

Elected Officers — Vote by clicking in the box in front of your choice for each office

Regula Pepi (2003)I took the MG class in 2003. Since then I have been involved with the JCMGA in various ways, sometimes more so than others. The plant clinic has been my favorite place to help but I have also sold tickets and guarded doors at the spring fair and for a couple of years I organized the outreach plant clinic at the Growers Market in Medford every Thursday during summer, when that event was still held in front of the Armory. This year I was a member at large and learned a lot about the many different aspects of the organization.  When the call for candidates came earlier this year and there were no volunteers I decided to step forward.  At my age, you may call it my "Last Hurrah".   We may only have 25 new students next year, the well ran dry at extension, the creepy old house..   ah, forget the list.  I know Lynn Kunstman and Ronnie Budge and all the officers will help me, so we will muddle through together to an easier time. Don't forget to renew!
Co-Presidents Elect
Colet Allen (2008)I grew up a Military brat, living all over this country and a few others. I was always interested in the plant world wherever I lived. My careers, work experience, education and life choices have allowed exposure to many areas and the plants specialized to those areas. Retirement finally brought the time and opportunity to become a Master Gardener. Besides MG, I volunteered for several nonprofits in Seattle while working at Boeing and North ID. I was a founding member for a lovely old Catholic Church repurposed to a performing arts center where I served as Vice President for 4 years. The broad exposure to various nonprofits has given me a perspective that I feel would serve me well as the JCMGA Co-Vice President.
Marcie Katz (2019)I have been thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful organization as the JCMGA and its many hard working individuals! Luckily, I was able to see how we do the many varied events JCMGA does in a normal year (2019) and I look forward to helping lead us back into those functions in the coming year. Currently, I am the Chair of the GEMS and member of the Garden Enhancement Committee, Member Services WG,  Fundraising Committee, GWG Board Representative and a Practicum Mentor! Belonging to these very different groups has helped me to get to know many of the members and learn how the organization is run. As Co-Vice President I would enjoy the many duties that come with the job, and strive to keep our Association active and productive!  
Recording Secretary
Jane Moyer (2005)I took the Master Gardener class in 2005.  I already loved gardening but came to realize that most gardeners are really nice people, the kind of people I want to associate with.  I also came to realize all the great things JCMGA does in and for the community so I want to stay involved.  As the 2020/2021 Recording Secretary I was able to take decent notes and make them available in a timely manner so would like to serve again in 2022.
Membership Secretary
Teresina Christy (2018)While still a student in the Master Gardener Class of 2018, I became the Wildflower GEM to fill a vacancy. Prior to our return to Medford, I was a Master Naturalist in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I enjoy working with our Jackson County Gardeners, I am organized and attentive to detail, and look forward to continuing my service as your Membership Secretary.

Seán Cawley (2020) - My 2020 class nominated me as the “back-up” representative to serve on the board. When the primary person dropped out, I became the Student Rep to the board. The following year I was asked to remain as the Student Rep to the board. I have a bachelor of science degree in Environmental Business Management and a MBA. I am honored to be a part of an organization dedicated to providing gardening education and support to the community. As the COVID confinement restrictions recede I hope to meet and participate with more of the general membership.

Assistant Treasurer

Keltie Nelson (2016) - I am excited at the possibility of serving as the assistant treasurer for JCMGA as I want to see the association continue to thrive.  Before retiring, I was a bookkeeper/accountant for many years.  I actually find accounting fun as well as challenging.

OMGA Representative

Barbara Davidson (2004) - As a retired high school teacher, 2004 was the magic year for me—I became a MG.  It gave me a purpose and focus that also allowed me to contribute to my community.  From decorating for events, attending classes, working at the Plant Clinic and Grower’s Market, coordinating school grants, and representing JCMGA at OMGA meetings and events, I am so happy to contribute to and be a part of this “family.”


Pam Hillers (2015) - I have enjoyed working with the documents that we keep stored in the Master Gardeners Archives. There were 30 members that took the first class in 1979 and were certified as Master Gardeners. That is over 40 years of all sorts of interesting gardening facts. I appreciate your confidence in electing me to this important position in 2022 and will do my best to maintain “our” files and articles.

Members at Large (5 open Positions - Select up to 5)

Carol Bogedain (2016)I am a 2016 graduate of the Master Gardener Program.  Since that time I have been a mentor in the Plant Clinic and have enjoyed the client and student interaction.  I have also volunteered with the Spring Garden Fair and the Winter Dreams Summer Gardens annual workshop.  The JCMGA provides a service to our community and environment and I would like to see it continue.

Dee Copley (2014) - I passed the Master Gardener Training in 2014. I helped with the Native Plant Garden, Plant Clinic and Mentored in Practicum the following year, helped get our 2nd greenhouse through County Planning which took about a year, then took Land Steward Training, and during all of that the absolute best was the PEOPLE! I found my tribe! I have been involved with the ACCESS Community Gardens and the head of Seed 2 Supper Program Jackson County (which is on hold due to COVID). I love all of the education at all levels that OSU Extension provides and look forward to being involved again with the MG Board as a Member at Large.

Karen Layson (2019) - No candidate statement submitted.

Lucy Pylkki (2019) - I graduated from the Master Gardner Program in 2019 and was looking forward to learning more and get more involved and then Covid 19 hit and shut every thing down. I have been a medical provider for over 30 years which has also led to my experiences in a leadership role.  I am hoping that  a role on the JCMGA board as a Member at Large will help me learn more about the inner workings of JCMGA.

Margaret Saydah (2019) - No candidate statement submitted.