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JCMGA Ballot – 2023 Board of Directors Nominees

The following JCMGA candidates have been nominated by members and the JCMGA Board's Nominating Committee according to the JCMGA bylaws adopted in September 2018. Each of the nominees has agreed to serve. All current JCMGA members are entitled to vote. Ballots must be received by midnight November 4, 2022, and new Officers will be announced at the November 11, 2022, Board meeting and take office January 1, 2023.

If you have a question or problem with the voting process, please contact Teresina Christy (

Elected Officers — Vote by clicking in the box in front of your choice for each office

Marcie Katz (2019) - Although relatively new to Master Gardeners, I found a community that I wanted to become part of. I have enjoyed working on many of the Committees and especially taking on projects. Whether I’m working out in the Demonstration Gardens or on a seat at the Board, I have found the JCMGA to be a fun and inspiring organization, one that I want to see reach its full potential.
President Elect
Barbara Low (2020-21) I am a native Oregonian and a retired teacher who taught for 38 years. The JCMGA is at a crossroads in figuring out how to rejuvenate itself after the pandemic. I am very interested in being a part of the JCMGA leadership group and helping us maneuver through these challenging and exciting times.
Recording Secretary
Jane Moyer (2005) - I have been a Master Gardener since 2005 and the Board of Directors Recording Secretary for the last three years. I take good notes and complete the Board Minutes in a timely fashion, although sometimes just by the skin of my teeth. My spelling and punctuation is usually correct, and when it’s not, I accept correction graciously.
Membership Secretary
Margaret Saydah (2019) - I ran my husband‘s business for years and feel that I would be capable of learning the position of Membership Secretary. I enjoy learning new things and I’m always up for a challenge.

Seán Cawley (2020)I have a Masters and Bachelors degree in Business focused on sustainable and nonprofit business. I have appreciated serving as Treasurer this past year and look forward to continuing to serve. I hope to continue to enhance the bookkeeping procedures to make them more efficient for everyone and to provide reported information so that everyone has a better understanding of JCMGA as a small business.

Assistant Treasurer

Keltie Nelson (2016)I hope you’ll vote for me for next year’s Assistant Treasurer. Before I retired, I worked in accounting for more than 30 years. I have enjoyed being the Assistant Treasurer this year and look forward to another year. I enjoy accounting and the challenges it presents.

OMGA Representative

Kathy Apple (2017) - As a 2017 Master Gardener graduate and a former member of the JCMGA board, I know how important it is to actively participate in and support the work of our association. I also know how vital it is that Jackson County be well represented within the Oregon Master Gardener Association (OMGA). I would be honored to fulfill the role of OMGA representative for JCMGA.


Pam Hillers (2015) - I appreciate your vote for me to continue taking care of our Master Gardener Archives. I enjoy making sure that the records of our meetings and events are kept in an organized way so that members can review past activities when planning future events, and sometimes just to enjoy our history.

Members at Large (5 open Positions - Select up to 5)

Colet Allen (2008) - I believe strongly in giving back. I choose organizations to serve that align with my values and interests. Master Gardeners meet my expectations regarding public education of science-based information, a group of dedicated people working to create beauty, food security, fairness, equity and helping turn the tide of climate change. I choose these people to serve and hope they choose me. I am up to the challenges we are facing.

Dee Copley (2014) - I accomplished a lifelong dream by taking the MG course in 2014! I want to dedicate my spare time to encouraging others to learn how to garden and furthermore how to protect the earth through good land stewardship. I really found my tribe when I joined JCMGA!

Cheryl Martin (2022) - Being a newer member, I have learned of the vital and valuable importance that this Association has in Southern Oregon. Learning, practicing, and teaching the art and science of gardening and supporting each other in a positive and enthusiastic manner is my aim. As an advocate and supporter for our local veterans, current medical and healthcare employee, and avid lover of the outdoors, I care that this program remain successful and I will support and advocate for its future success.

Lucy Pylkki (2019) - I am currently a Member-At-Large on the JCMGA Board of Directors. I have learned a lot about the inner workings of JCMGA and all the good work that they do. Next year will be exciting as we plan to restore and expand the educational portion of our program and to restart the Spring Garden Fair. I hope to continue with my participation in these efforts.

Trina Stout (2022) - I am interested in serving on the JCMGA Board because I want to increase the food security and resiliency of the Rogue Valley by growing who we are and who we serve, and by cultivating an experience of belonging in our programs for all Oregonians. I am a communications professional ( and would love to bring that experience to the JCMGA. I’m a member this year of the Statewide Growing & Belonging Committee ( formerly known as the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion task force).

Cassandra Toews (2020-21) - I am interested in being on the JCMGA Board because I have gained so much from my MG training and believe that this organization contributes important information to our society. We all must contribute to the success of what we value, and with our very ecosystems at risk, education of the public is more important than ever. I’d like to be a hands-on part of this process.