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2022 JCMGA Graduation

By October 30, 2022Beet 2022 11 November
Jane Moyer
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Beautiful decorations, delicious dinner, great company, badges and certificates, and fun, FUN, FUN!

The 2022 JCMGA Graduation was all the above and more!

President-elect Marcie Katz, assisted by Sandy Hammond, Barbara Low and Lucy Pyllki, decorated the OSU Auditorium with a fall theme and provided a delicious dinner of lasagna, salad, garlic bread and ice cream sundaes.

Out of the 25 students who started the Master Gardener Program in January 2022, 15 persevered through COVID restrictions, loss of MG Coordinator Erika Szonntag at the end of March with no replacement through the rest of their year, almost everything done online, no Practicum – and the list could go on. CONGRATULATIONS to those 15! Additionally, four students who were unable to finish this year will be continuing in the program and graduating in 2023.

The new graduates who received their bright orange, Oregon-shaped badges and Master Gardener certificates are Cindy Bottasso, Tucker Campagna, Frances Cano, Mary Mason, Gail Ropel, Daniel Devries, Trina Stout, Glenda Capsey, Tom Capsey, Cheryl Martin, Thomas Kvigne, Janet Langley, Tenasi Rama Lazar, Meg Quam, and Leif Quam.

We hope you all will be long-term Master Gardeners who return over and over to work in the gardens, greenhouses, or on a committee. Every time you participate is an opportunity to make new friends, learn something new about gardening, give back to the Rogue Valley community, and have even more fun, FUN, FUN!