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2024 Winter Dreams/Summer Gardens Sessions For 2024

October 18, 19, 25 and 26


The Winter Dreams Summer Gardens Working Group is developing an informative and interesting lineup for this year’s symposium. This article contains some of the presenters.   Registration will be open August 12th We hope that you will join us!



Backyard and Small-Scale Composting 

Regina Boykins, Presenter


Have you dreamed of being a compost master and improving your soil? Learn about what you need you need to get started. Set up, materials to add, and even amendments to make your compost more plant specific. She even will bring examples of material and tools.


Regina Boykins has been a Master Gardener since 2015. She is an avid gardener who looks to research and science, and wants to share what she has learns with others.



Firescaping for Home, Habitat, and Sense of Place

Adrienne Edwards and Rachel Schleiger, Presenters


Do you worry about wildfire risk to your home? Can we improve our protection and still support pollinators? This presentation will discuss how to create a beautiful home garden with native plants and reduce fire risks.


Adrienne Edwards is a PhD, botanist, plant ecologist, garden designer and environmental consultant who lives in northern California and in a faculty lecturer at California State University, Chico.


Rachel Schleiger, MS, is a plant ecologist specializing in restoration ecology. Her family and property survived the 2018 Camp Fire in northern California. She is a faculty lecturer at both Butte College and California State University, Chico.



  1. Naturalistic Privacy Screens 
  2. Take a Walk on the Dry Side

         Bonni Engelhart, Presenter


Is there a better way to have some privacy than the typical hedges? Bonni’s first presentation will give us information on deer resistant, drought tolerant and fire-wise options.

Bonni’s second presentation helps us learn about more water-wise planting for a drought tolerant landscape in our homes and gardens.


Bonni Engelhardt is a Master Gardener, landscape designer and writer.



Climate Forward Trees

Mimi Enright and Tim Coyne, Presenters


In our changing environment how do we know what trees will thrive and grow in the future? The Climate Forward Trees Project developed by the University of California Master Gardener Program and the City of Santa Rosa have provided a list of trees that can be planted now for the future.


Mimi Enright became a UC Master Gardener in 2011, and currently oversees the program. One of her interests is helping to educate others about sustainable landscaping. She was Program Coordinator for the Climate Forward Trees Project.


Tim Coyne participated in the Master Gardener Program in both Ventura and Sonoma counties in California. Is on the SCMG Board of directors. He was the Project Leader for the Climate Forward Trees Project, and currently for a Fruit Tree Study Group.




Bringing Nature Indoors: Creating a Houseplant Home

Grace Florjancic, Presenter


Many of us have struggled with the new beautiful plant we bring into our home only to have it looking very sad in a short period of time.  Where did we go wrong? This presentation looks at what different plants require to live indoors and what we can do to meet those needs.


Grace Florjancic is the Master Gardener Coordinator for Jackson County. Grace has a degree in microbiology and horticulture from Virginia Tech, with a working background in research greenhouses, botanical gardens, and an indoor wedding venue.