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Ajit’s Coco Bricks Annual Memorial Gift  — In Honor of Dr. Ajit S. Nehra 

Written by Virginia Brown and Jane Moyer

Cosmic Connections*, the company founded by Dr. Ajit Nehra, is a pioneer and supplier of Coconut Coir, Peat, Chips, Husks, Briquettes, Coco Bales  

Dr. Nehra was a genuine trailblazer in the industry, known for his unstoppable drive and enthusiasm in every endeavor he undertook. His irreplaceable presence and remarkable contributions will be deeply missed. As Dr. Nehra said: “Cosmic Coco Coir is a sustainable & renewable natural resource, providing gardeners an environmentally friendly option.”  


In honor of Dr. Nehra’s profound impact, the company he founded is wholeheartedly dedicated to carrying out his vision to help gardeners understand the value of using sustainable coir instead of peat moss in planting mixes. 


In memory of their esteemed founder, Dr. S. Nehra, who passed away in January 2023, Cosmic Connections will provide an annual gift to gardeners via the Jackson County Master Gardener Association (JCMGA). JCMGA will coordinate with several community outreach programs to disseminate 50 Ajit’s Coco Bricks. 


Bricks will be donated to those who complete the Seed to Supper class, members of the community gardens who get grants from JCMGA (often those who have taken the Seed to Supper class), and Jackson Country schools that receive grants from JCMGA.  Recipes for planting mixes used in the Master Gardener Practicum will be given along with each of Ajit’s Coco Coir Bricks.   


*Cosmic Connections. For more information about how to purchase coir supplies, please visit or call                      541-625-3017.