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An Unsung Lady

Sandy Hammond
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Sandy Hansen is a proud JCMGA graduate of the class of 2017. Her husband graduated in 2016 and convinced her it was a great “club” to join. Apparently, she agreed with him because she soon accepted the role of helping Linda Holder with the tremendous responsibility of organizing vendors for the Spring Garden Fairs in 2018 and 2019. Back then we had over 100 vendors at the Expo. Sandy learned her job well and developed great rapport with the vendors. This year, with the new experiment of holding the 2023 Spring Garden Fair at the SOU Extension, Sandy successfully acquired wonderful vendors. She followed through with them from the initial contact to the ending farewell, making sure they all had a satisfactory experience.


Sandy also assumed the role of Communications Work Group Chair (now called the Marketing and Technology Work Group), which she held for several years. She once again stepped up to the plate with efficiency and competence. She was a “calmer downer” for me, which I needed a lot. She is a friend and very good at handling tense situations.


Now Sandy is concluding her vendor and communications responsibilities. For all that she has accomplished, we give Sandy Hanson our gratitude and respect.  She has been a real asset to our group, and we are lucky to have her.