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By October 30, 2022Beet 2022 11 November
Jane Moyer
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Do you think it’s not important to report your volunteer hours once you have graduated? Nothing could be further from the truth! Here’s the scoop on why—

Extension funding comes from the federal government, the state government, Jackson County, and OSU. These governmental bodies want to see that the money spent on all the Extension programs is being increased in value by volunteer hours. (Remember, the Master Gardener Program is the largest of the programs.)

Every December, reports must be turned in showing what has been accomplished by each program during the year, including the number of volunteer hours donated. The amount of funding can be reduced if the powers that be decide the return on the funding is not sufficient. Right now, for example, the Oregon Legislature is contemplating reducing the funding to Extension programs.

So PLEASE take the time to go back through your 2022 calendar and figure out how many hours you have volunteered and, as close as possible, what you did. Enter that information into the Volunteer Recording System, If you are unfamiliar with the VRS, read the information on the homepage. (Even though, at first glance, the page is enough to make your eyes roll back in your head, take it in small pieces because it is well explained.)  Call or email Jane Moyer if you need help. (541-890-8561 or

Volunteer Hours are to be recorded from November 1 through October 31 each year.