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August in the Garden

I am continuing this series of articles and hope that you find them helpful and inspiring. In August, there is quite a bit to do in the garden depending on what you want to grow.  Our gardens still need to be cared for so that they will do well and we will have a plentiful harvest. By caring for our gardens, we are also caring for ourselves – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The Jackson County Master Gardener Association has a great resource for gardeners to use. It is the Garden Guide for the Rogue Valley – Year-Round & Month by Month.  This great reference book for gardeners is mainly about growing vegetables, berries, and melons.

August is the time to:

  • Harvest
  • Save some heads of garlic for replanting later on.
  • Edamame soybeans should be ripening.
  • Sow for transplanting
    • Broccoli (fall variety)
    • Cabbage (over-wintering varieties)
    • Chinese Cabbage
    • Pak Choi
  • Direct Seed
o   Arugula o   Beets
o   Chervil o   Collards
o   Corn, salad o   Cress, garden
o   Cress, upland o   Endive and Escarole
o   Kale o   Kohlrabi
o   Lettuce, leaf o   Mustard greens
o   Onions o   Oriental greens
o   Peas o   Radicchio
o   Radish o   Rutabaga
o   Spinach o   Swiss Chard
o   Turnips o   Turnip greens


  • Transplant
o   Broccoli, fall variety o   Brussels sprouts
o   Cabbage – fall or winter varieties o   Cauliflower – late variety
o   Chinese Cabbage o   Pak Choi


  • Fertilize and Prune
    • Vegetables while in heavy production
    • Pole beans after they finish their first flush production


  • Control Pests and Diseases
    • Spider mites



Garden Guide for the Rogue Valley – Year-Round & Month by Month. This book contains a wealth of gardening information. You can purchase it at our local Grange Co-op or at the OSU Extension office for $21.00. It can also be purchased on-line at  Note that a shipping fee will be applied.



Happy Gardening and Stay Cool

Garden For Life