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JCMGA Membership Renewal!

By Beet 2022 01 January

Remember that if you would like to be included in the 2022 JCMGA Chapter Directory, you need to have completed your member renewal by January 31, 2022

You may renew in the Member section of the website ( and specific renewal directions and links are being sent to potential members every two weeks.  

If you have already renewed for 2022–THANK YOU!

Time to Renew Your JCMGA Membership

By Beet 2021 12 December


JCMGA membership renewal for 2022 is now in progress.  Periodic Mailchimps are being sent to remind you how to renew and to provide you with links to your chosen renewal process.  Annual dues remain at $25 and if you want to be included in the 2022 Chapter Directory, please be sure to complete your renewal by January 31, 2022.

Similar to last year, there are three different ways to renew:

1) Complete the renewal form and pay your dues online

The online form is available on the member side of our website. Go to and click on the Member Portal at the top right of the homepage. Enter your username and password to access the Green House (the members-only portion of the website). On the Green House home page, scroll down through the Member Links on the right and click on Membership Renewal. There you can complete the form, make your dues payment of $25, and even make a donation to JCMGA if you would like.

2) Mail in your renewal form and dues

Print the one-page renewal form (no need to return the information/direction page) and send it and your $25 check for dues to:

JCMGA Member Renewal

569 Hanley Road

Central Point, OR, 97502

There is a link to a printable renewal form on the Mailchimps that are being sent out periodically throughout the renewal period. Click on the link and print the one-page renewal form.  Complete the form and mail it and your $25 dues to the address above.

3) Request that a paper copy of the renewal form be mailed to you

There is also a link on the renewal Mailchimps that you can use to request that a paper renewal form be mailed to you.

Potential JCMGA members who do not have email addresses listed with JCMGA have been sent a paper renewal form by mail.


If you have questions about the renewal process, please contact Patrice Kaska, JCMGA Membership Secretary, at

Have You Visited Lately?

By Beet 2021 10 October


The Communications Working Group began an in-depth review of our JCMGA website in early 2020. Throughout the pandemic, fires, and smoke, CWG members continued to evaluate our online presence and make modifications. Since JCMGA members will be asked to use the website during the October/November election and for member renewal which begins in mid-November, this is a good time to spend a few minutes exploring the updated website if you haven’t visited recently.
Our website is found at Once you’ve arrived at the public home page, you’ll find that it consists primarily of nine tiles which represent various aspects of our organization. There is information about becoming a Master Gardener; a direct link to our online Native Plant Tour; specific directions regarding the Plant Clinic; a calendar; access to the Growing Oregon Gardeners classes, suggested readings, and (coming soon) videos and pertinent websites; access to the current and previous Garden Beet newsletters; in-depth information about the Demonstration Gardens; an explanation and listing of community gardens in the Rogue Valley; and a donation site. (Whew!)
There is additional information found in the green-lettered menu across the top of the page. The Home section provides information about what is available from Master Gardeners in Jackson County, a brief history of the overall Master Gardener program and the OSU Master Gardener Program. There is also a page that the public can use to contact JCMGA.
Events & Classes explains the various activities JCMGA provides within the community such as Master Gardener training, the Spring Garden Fair, Winter Dreams/Summer Gardens, Community Education classes, and the Native Plant Tour.
In the Community includes information about our school and community garden grants, a list of and links to our televised “In the Garden” mini-lessons, Seed to Supper Program, and Speaker’s Bureau.
Within the menu, there are also links to the calendar, Plant Clinic, Demonstration Gardens, and, within the Shop section, the ability to purchase our Garden Guides.
Articles from the current Garden Beet are also available at the bottom of the home page. And the green, horizontal band across the top of the page offers links to our Facebook and YouTube presence at the top left and the Garden Beet (no, that’s NOT a radish—it’s a beet) at the far top right .
In addition to the public face of our website, described above, the Home page of our website offers entry into our Member section, called the Greenhouse. To access the Member home page, click on the Member Portal on the top right green band (just to the left of the beet). You will be asked for your email address and password to enter. If you have forgotten your password, there is a process for obtaining a new one. Just click on Lost your Password?
Once you’ve entered the Greenhouse, you will find a list of specific member-oriented links listed vertically on the right of the page, short articles about Help Wanted, how to assist JCMGA in its fund-raising, and MG recertification is in the middle of the page.
The links provide an immense amount of information for members! They provide the opportunity to modify your member account (My Account), remind you of members who serve on the Board of Directors, provide a calendar of scheduled JCMGA meetings and events, contain the current Chapter Directory, and will offer classified ads in the future.
A new feature is called 2021 Members and Students. Since we are unable to update the directory once it is printed, the 2021 Members and Students link takes you to a spreadsheet listing the most current contact information we have for members, including member contact changes and members who have renewed since the directory was printed in the spring. This is the place to check if you want the most up-to-date information when contacting another member.
There are also links to the online member renewal form, student materials and Practicum information, and to the OSU volunteer reporting site. The most current version of the JCMGA Articles of Association, Member Bylaws, and Policies and Procedures are also located here. Although we are not currently conducting an election or survey, when election season arrives in mid-October, you will find the voting link in this list.
Although the Communications Working Group continues to upgrade the website, if you find an area of confusion or something you would like to see added or modified, please send your comments to Marcia Harris, the Chair of the Communications Working Group ( We would appreciate hearing your thoughts and suggestions.


Photo Contest Winners Are Announced

By Beet 2021 10 October


The Members Services Working Group is pleased to announce the winners of the 2nd Annual JCMGA photo contest.

Winning first place is Ann Hackett (2020). This is the second year that Ann has won and her photograph will be on the cover of the 2022 JCMGA Chapter Directory.

Three runners-up, whose photographs are presented below, are Lynn Garbert (2014), Jan Carlson (2016), and Lora West (2020). Four additional photographs tied for the next place, just one point behind.

The judges were Keltie Nelson and Marcie Katz, representing the Members Services Working Group, Marcia Harris, chair of the Communications Working Group, Jack Ivers, former Garden Beet editor, and Seán Cawley, who has had many of his own photographs included in the Garden Beet.

Several judges remarked on the difficulty of choosing among so many beautiful photos and we thank each JCMGA member who submitted such glorious entries to the contest this year. Each one is a winner!

Lynn Garbert

Taken in my garden, July 1, 2021. A Ruby Slipper Daylily adopted from the Daylily Demonstration Garden in 2014.


Jan Carlson

The praying mantis was checking out a patch of Black-eyed Susans in one of our small flower beds that was converted to mostly native plants – Oregon sunshine, lupines, goldenrod, coyote mint, yarrow, buckwheat, and the like. It was taken July 14, 2021. I was actually looking for native bee activity and ground nests when I stumbled upon this little critter. We have quite a population of them and every fall our wooden fence is loaded with their egg casings for the next crop. They are voracious predators, but they don’t differentiate between the good/not so good insects. They eat everything.


Lora West

The photo, taken in my home garden in Ruch on July 7, 2021, shows an artichoke flower teeming with bumble bees.  I let all my artichokes go to flower this year, as I enjoyed watching the bumble bees more than I would have enjoyed the artichokes.  The bumble bees, in turn, did a fabulous job pollinating my tomatoes and squash.

The JCMGA Election Begins This Month

By Beet 2021 10 October

The JCMGA Board of Directors approved the slate of candidates running for 2022 Board positions at its September meeting. The election will take place over three weeks: October 15 through November 5.

For the third year, voting will take place online in the Member section of the JCMGA website and paper ballots will be mailed to members who do not have computer access.

Specific election information will be sent to JCMGA members shortly before October 15th. Election results will be certified at the November Board meeting and then shared with members.

Second Annual JCMGA Photo Contest

By Beet 2021 08 August 39 Comments

August 2021 has arrived, and it’s time for the second annual JCMGA Photo Contest.  A hot, and perhaps smoky, August afternoon is the perfect time to stay inside and consider photographs you have taken of your or others’ gardens.  The JCMGA Member Services Working Group judges would very much like to see your best one (or two) garden photos and our favorite will appear on the cover of the 2022 JCMGA Chapter Directory.

Instructions for the contest include the following:

✦ The 2021 JCMGA Photo Contest is open to all current Jackson County Master Gardener Association members.

✦ Photos may be submitted from Aug. 1 through Aug. 31, 2021.  We are able to accept two (2) photos from each member, although there will be only one winning photo per person.

✦ Photographs are limited to those taken in gardens of the Rogue Valley and the focus must be on a plant or planting—no people (for privacy concerns).

✦ Please submit your photograph in portrait format, rather than landscape format (to align with the shape of the directory).

✦ All photographs must be at least 1500 x 1575 pixels (5”x5-1/2” at 300 dpi) and all submitted photos become the property of JCMGA. 

Email your entry to:  Please include your name, phone number, email address, where the photograph was taken, and a short description of the flora pictured.  A short title for the photo is also helpful.  All identifying information is removed before judging.

If you have questions, please email Patrice Kaska, Membership Secretary, at 

The winning photograph will appear on the cover of the 2022 JCMGA Chapter Directory, and four runners-up will have their photographs featured in the Garden Beet. Winners will be announced in the October Garden Beet.