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Jane Moyer

JCMGA Board of Directors October Meeting Minutes

By Beet 2023 12 December

Jackson County Master Gardener Association

Board of Directors Meeting


October 13, 2023

The Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Zoom at 9:32 a.m. with President

Marcie Katz presiding.

Present: Marcie Katz, Regula Pepi, Barbara Low, Janine Salvatti, Marcia Harris, Kathy Apple, Colet Allen, Sandy Hammond, Sean Cawley, Pam Hillers, Ronnie Budge, Keltie Nelson, Lucy

Pylkki, Trina Stout, Cassandra Toews, Dee Copley

Absent: Rob MacWhorter

Consent Agenda:  Barbara Low noted that Margaret Saydah has resigned as Membership Secretary.  Barbara and Keltie Nelson have offered to fill in until a new membership secretary is elected.  Ronnie Budge moved and Janine Salvatti seconded the board reports be

approved with this addition.  Unanimous approval.

Additions to the Agenda:

  1. Barbara Low reminded the board that the suggestion to make the Bylaws Committee

a standing committee was carried over from the September meeting.

  1. Barbara Low reminded the board that the treasurer was going to provide the meaning

of “PSP” in the financial reports.

  1. Jane Moyer asked that the Practicum funding request be removed from the agenda.
  2. Colet Allen asked that “Links from the library” be added to the agenda.
  3. Jane Moyer asked to have “Sale of the blue barrels” be added to the agenda.

Approval of Agenda: Colet Allen moved to have the agenda approved as amended.  Kathy

Apple seconded.  Motion passed.

Approval of Minutes: Ronnie Budge moved and Pam Hillers seconded the September board

meeting minutes be approved. The motion passed.


  1. Treasurer Sean Cawley explained “PSP” means Program Special Project
  2. Lucy Pylkki asked about the location of the hot spots. They are needed for use of

Square at the Fall Festival.  If they can’t be located, the hot spot from the Plant Clinic

will be used.

  1. Sandy Hammond announced cash boxes for the Fall Festival have been prepared.
  2. Sandy Hammond reminded board members that set up for the Fall Festival will begin

at 1:00 today.  The festival is scheduled for 9:00–2:00 Saturday October 14.

  1. Barbara Low reported that registration for the Winter Dreams Summer Gardens

Symposium has been slow.  Only 60 people have registered so far.


  1. Barbara Low reminded board members that graduation will be held 5:30–8:00

Saturday November 4.  Practicum mentors and GEMs are encouraged to submit

names of students who went above and beyond for student awards.

  1. Jane Moyer reported the Fundraising Working Group has sold the barbeque for $500.


Coordinator’s Report:  Coordinator Grace Florjancic is on vacation.

Discussion items: 

  1. Kathy Apple reminded board members that, according to the JCMGA Bylaws, elected

officers include president, president-elect, immediate past president, recording

secretary, membership secretary, treasurer, assistant treasurer, OMGA

representative, archivist, and five members-at-large, but not a vice-president.  The

term “vice-president” should not be used in place of “president-elect.”

  1. Barbara Low reported the Bylaws Committee will be meeting in November to review

Procedures and Policies along with the bylaws.  Pam Hillers had suggested this

committee become a standing committee; however, after discussion, she withdrew

her suggestion.  She suggested instead that the bylaws be included in the JCMGA

directory as well as on the website.

  1. Jane Moyer relayed a conversation with Extension Manager Heidi Gehman concerning     resuming the zero-waste effort (Policy 1.6 ” The JCMGA will move toward zero-waste.)

Jane will work with Heidi to find containers acceptable to Alec Levin.

  1. Colet Allen reported she is working with the Jackson Co. Library System to have

presentations made by Master Gardeners at any of the libraries, through the JCMGA

Speakers Bureau, recorded and put on YouTube with links on the JCMGA website.

She would also like the links to be put on Facebook and in The Garden Beet.

  1. Irving Johnson is retiring from being a GEM in the Lavender Garden. It was suggested

he be given an award for his diligent service even with health problems.  He will be

invited to a board meeting to receive the reward.

Motion Items:

  1. President-elect Barbara Low presented the slate of nominees for 2024 JCMGA elected

officers.  (See attached.)  There are currently no candidates for president-elect and

assistant treasurer.  The current assistant-treasurer commented that, since hiring a

professional bookkeeper, she doesn’t think there is a need for an assistant treasurer.

If these positions remain unfilled, the president can appoint Master Gardeners to fill

them with board approval.  Barbara Low, on behalf of the Nominating Committee,

                moved to accept the slate of nominees as presented.  Unanimous approval. The

voting will be online with paper ballots sent to those who don’t have internet access.

Ballots will be posted and Mail Chimps sent to JCMGA members by October 23, with

voting to be completed by November 4.  The JCMGA bylaws dictate “The election

tellers shall be the Membership Secretary (Barbara Low), the Recording Secretary

(Jane Moyer), and a board member appointed by the president (Pam Hillers).”


  1. Treasurer Sean Cawley announced Rogue Credit Union needs a letter signed by both

the JCMGA President and Recording Secretary stating the treasurer and assistant

treasurer have permission to manage the association CD’s.  Sean Cawley, on behalf of

                the Financial Committee, moved to submit such a letter.  Unanimous approval.

  1. On behalf of the Master Gardener Practicum, Jane Moyer moved the blue barrels

                previously used in Greenhouse #2 be sold for $20 each or 3/$50.  Unanimous

                approval.  They will be sold at the Fall Festival and Sean Cawley offered to advertise

them to the Land Stewards.


MEETING ADJOURNED: President Marcie Katz adjourned the meeting at 11:09.


NEXT MEETING: Board Meeting Thursday, November 9, 2023 (due to Veterans Day observance on Friday November 10), 9:00 chit-chat, 9:30 meeting


Submitted by Jane Moyer, Recording Secretary






The Benefits of Volunteering

By Beet 2023 11 November

The hope is that everyone in the class of 2023 will want to stay involved with Master Gardeners.  I frequently tell people the four main reasons I stay involved are I enjoy gardening, I value the many friends I’ve made through JCMGA, I learn something new every time I am at the Extension, and it’s a great way to give back to the Rogue Valley community.

Recently I read an article on the benefits of volunteering in the fall edition of Healthwise, the Oregon PERS Health Insurance Program Newsletter. In case anyone still hasn’t discovered good reasons to stay involved, here are the ones listed in that article —

  1. Staying connected: no matter your age or life situation, volunteering can distract from any worries and create connections with other like-minded people. The more people in your social circle, the fewer chances there will be feelings of isolation and loneliness.
  2. Boosting your self-esteem: many volunteers report getting significant satisfaction from the contributions they make. The sense of accomplishment that comes from helping others can provide a healthy dose of confidence.
  3. Getting your body moving: volunteering by gardening can provide cardio and strength-building benefits with no gym involved.
  4. Sharpening your mind: the old saying, “Use it or lose it!” applies to our minds as well as our bodies. Learning, reading, and teaching gardening practices uses cognitive skills that would otherwise sit idle.

We hope you continue to volunteer with JCMGA – for whatever reasons motivate you and bring you joy!

Seed Donation

By Beet 2023 11 November

Artichokes, beans, celery, dill, and everything to zucchini!  Ferry-Morse Seed Co. donated boxes and boxes of 2023 seeds to ACCESS, the Community Action Agency of Jackson County. In turn, ACCESS donated them to the Jackson Co. Master Gardener Association. Marsha Waite organized seed packets to make it easy to see what was available.


The Master Gardener Practicum took multiple varieties of tomatoes, peppers, squash, melons, cucumbers, and a multitude of other veggies, plus ornamentals, while barely making a dent in the supply. Seed-to-Supper also took a share to use next spring in the S2S program. Seeds will be soon offered to the GEMs for use in the gardens. And finally, in January, seeds will be made available to students in the 2024 class.


In addition to the seeds, the donation included bags of Jiffy Seed Starting Mix and containers with trays for seed starting. Practicum will  put these supplies to good use and save money in the process.  Many thanks go out to ACCESS and Ferry-Morse!

JCMGA Board of Directors September Meeting

By Beet 2023 11 November

September 11, 2023

The Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Zoom at 9:30 a.m. with President

Marcie Katz presiding.

Board Members Present in person: Marcie Katz, Barbara Low, Jane Moyer, Colet Allen,  Sandy Hammond, Janine Salvatti, Lucy Pylkki, Cassandra Toews, Rob MacWhorter, Pam Hillers,  Grace Florjancic

Board Members Present by Zoom: Sandy Hansen, Sean Cawley, Ronnie Budge, Regula Pepi, Trina Stout, Dee Copley

Absent: Margaret Saydah, Keltie Nelson, Marcia Harris, Kathy Apple

Guests Present in Person: Heidi Gehman

Guests Present by Zoom: Sherri Morgan, Nicole Smith, Lynn Kunstman

Consent Agenda:  Ronnie Budge asked two questions:

  1. In the Finance Report, what does “PST” mean? Treasurer Sean Cawley will provide

the answer at the October meeting.

  1. Revenue to date for Winter Dreams Summer Gardens was provided in the Finance

Report but not included on the pie chart.  Treasurer Sean Cawley explained the pie

chart only shows revenue through the end of July.  It will be included on the next one.

Ronnie Budge moved and Lucy Pylkki seconded the Consent Agenda be approved.  Passed

Additions to the Agenda: Barbara Low asked that By-laws Committee and board meeting

minutes be added to the agenda.

Approval of Agenda: Marcie Katz moved to have the agenda approved as amended.  Janine

Salvatti seconded.  Motion passed.

Approval of Minutes: Barbara Low pointed out Colet Allen’s name was misspelled in the list of board members present at the August board meeting. Barbara Low also pointed out it was decided she would not attend the Jackson Co. Commissioners meeting.  Pam Hillers moved and Cassandra Toews seconded the July board meeting minutes be approved as corrected.



  1. Janine Salvatti reported a workshop will be held September 15 in Greenhouse #2 for

making glass mosaic garden art.  It will be open to Master Gardeners and the public.

Participants can find the supply list in the August Garden Beet and by Mail Chimp.

Plastic left over from the picnic will be used to cover the tables.  The Gardens

Enhancement Committee will prepare the greenhouse.

  1. Barbara Low reported 60 people made reservations for the picnic but only 50

attended.  Joe Alvord stepped in at the last minute to cook.

  1. Sandy Hammond reminded board members the Fall Festival will be held October 14.

Setup will be Friday, October 13.  Plant sale booths will be located in the parking lot.

All other sales will be in Greenhouse #2, including holiday items.

  1. Barbara Low announced a nominating committee is needed for 2024 officers. Board

members who volunteered include Barbara, Kathy Apple, Lucy Pylkki, and Colet Allen.

Nominations will be announced at the October board meeting.

  1. Barbara Low asked all Working Groups to check the website for accuracy of any

information pertaining to them.

  1. Extension Office Manager Heidi Gehman explained the new facilities rental

agreement (See Attachment #1).  The rental agreement will be in force for a trial

year.  There will be reduced or no rental fees for groups affiliated with SOREC (Master

Gardeners, Food Preservers, 4-H, Land Stewards, etc.) at Heidi’s discretion except for

fund-raising events.  After the first year, the rental for fund-raising events may

become a set fee plus a percentage of the proceeds.  Pop-up Sales will require a

conversation with Heidi and will be charged at her discretion depending on the needs.

  1. Heidi was also asked about the Josephine Co. Extension.  When the commissioners

cancelled all Extension funding, they didn’t seem to realize Extension included

programs other than 4-H.  Master Gardener Coordinator Danielle Knueple has

resigned. In Jackson Co., there have been issues for some 4-H families that are

unhappy with changes being made.  However, one commissioner expressed gratitude

for the attention given to address these issues, including two large public meetings

with Dr. Ivory Lyles and other 4-H leadership from OSU.  Lena Hosking, 4-H

Coordinator and Stephen McIntire, Program Assistant have both resigned.  The

positions will be posted.

Coordinator’s Report:  MG Coordinator Grace Florjancic reported

  1. all Master Gardeners (both perennial and students) should turn in their hours for

November 1, 2022–October 31, 2023 as soon as possible by recording them in the

online VRS ( or by giving Grace a paper copy.

Working group and committee chairs are asked to let Grace know about any

opportunities for students to earn hours.

  1. she will be working 4 hrs./week with the Josephine Co. Master Gardener Program

until they hire a new coordinator.

  1. Plant A Row has collected almost 300 lbs. of produce for ACCESS. Barbara Low has

been transporting it when ACCESS couldn’t come get it.  Sean Cawley has donated

from the Vegetable Demonstration Garden.

Discussion items:

  1. Sherri Morgan reported on the last SOREC Advisory Committee meeting: Alec Levin is

planning to enlarge the committee by adding more community members, the Creepy

Old House will be coming down, Alec will be getting plans drawn for the grounds

improvements including a pavilion, Gordon Jones has transferred to Crook County.



  1. President-elect Barbara Low asked to have the Bylaws Committee do an annual

review as prescribed in Policy 1.2 and Article IV Section 4.  In addition to Barbara,

members will include Kathy Apple, Sandy Hansen, and Jane Moyer.  Pam Hillers

suggested the Bylaws Committee should be a standing committee rather than ad hoc.

This will be discussed at the October meeting.

Motion Items:

  1. Barbara Low reported an evaluation of Question Pro that JCMGA uses for surveys, is

due.  After discussion of the benefits, Ronnie Budge moved and Colet Allen seconded

                that a positive evaluation be given.  Passed.

  1. Jane Moyer reported the donor of the $10,000 grant, would like to have a ground

plaque placed in the Lavender Garden to acknowledge their contribution.  Kendyl

Berkowitz has provided a suggested format

(  Kendyl thinks she

can get the donor, Fortune Brand, to pay for the plaque. Cassandra Toews moved and

                Janine Salvatti seconded that JCMGA accept the suggested format for the plaque.

The motion passed.

  1. Barbara Low moved and Cassandra Toews seconded that approved board meeting

                minutes be included in The Garden Beet with The Garden Beet publisher editing as

                needed.  Motion passed.

  1. Barbara Low, on behalf of the Member Services Working Group and the Community

                Outreach Working Group, moved the Friends of the Gardens proposal (Attachment

                #2) be accepted by the board.  Unanimous approval.


MEETING ADJOURNED: President Marcie Katz adjourned the meeting at 11:23.


NEXT MEETING: Board Meeting Friday, October 13, 2023, 9:00 chit-chat, 9:30 meeting


Submitted by Jane Moyer, Recording Secretary


Friends of the Gardens Program Proposal

The Community Outreach Working Group and the Member Services Working Group have been discussing the possibility of starting Friends of the Gardens Program.  A Joint committee was formed at the end of June.    The Joint Committee consisted of Colet Allen, Grace Florjancic, Barbara Low and Linda Millus.  John Kobal joined us in August.  The draft proposal was given to the Community Outreach Working Group and the Member Services Working Group for their approval.  Both groups have discussed it and offered suggestions.  At the August 21st Joint Meeting the suggestions were made part of the proposal.  It will be presented to the JCMGA Board for their approval at the September meeting.


Friends of the Gardens Program Description

This program would consist of :

  1. JCMGA Volunteer Coordinator(s)
    1. Act as the contact person between the GEMS and the Friends of the Gardens participants
    2. Vital to have communication between the JCMGA Volunteer Coordinator, the GEMS, and the Friends of the Gardens participants.
    3. The JCMGA Coordinator will check in with the participants to see how everything is going. This will be done after the first month of volunteering, the 3rd month of volunteering and at the end of November.
    4. Will develop a basic checklist for new volunteers including what needs to be completed.
    5. Establish a schedule with the GEMs to lead the group of volunteers through the Demonstration Gardens each week. The week before a GEM is leading volunteers, check with that GEM to be sure they are still available to lead volunteers.
    6. For incoming volunteers, the coordinator will give them an overview of what volunteering will look like including the day of the week and hours volunteering occurs. Let them know they will need to attend an orientation before they begin volunteering. Orientations will most likely just be 1-2 new volunteers at a time and can be held whenever convenient, they don’t have to be on the main workday.
    7. Will make sure that all required OSU forms – including the Code of Conduct Form – is signed before working in the gardens.
    8. For existing volunteers, email them a weekly reminder of the upcoming volunteer day. Include any specific notes about the day like the weather or a cancellation of the day.
    9. Will record each participant’s volunteer hours
    10. TBD — Grace Florjancic will be acting Volunteer Coordinator until we have one.


  1. MG Program Coordinator’s Role: the OSU side of paperwork.
  2. The MG Program Coordinator would be responsible for ensuring all Friends of the Gardens have their waivers signed before they begin working in the gardens.
  3. The coordinator will have contact information and emergency contact information for these volunteers.
  4. While establishing the Friends of the Gardens program, Grace is willing to help with coordinating orientation days for the new volunteers, promotion of the program, and working with MGs interested in becoming the Friends of the Gardens coordinator to show ways of keeping organized and scheduling.



  1. GEMs
    1. GEMS would email their volunteers to update them on the Demonstration Garden work that is planned to be done and work reminders.
    2. GEMS would let us know specifically what they would want Friends of the Gardens participants to do.



  1. Friends of the Garden
    1. Participants will be non-member volunteers who work with GEMS in the Demonstration Gardens.
    2. Friends of the Gardens participants would work on Wednesdays from 9:00 – 12:00 p.m. with GEMs as they are already working in the gardens that day. Participants could start the first week of April and end the last week of November. An average of 5 Friends of the Gardens volunteers in the garden for 3 hours each week in this time period would equate to an additional 480 hours of volunteering in the gardens.
    3. We feel that participants may want to work in a specific garden – because of individual interests. They would also have the opportunity to move around to other gardens at a later date as long as GEMS involved agree.
    4. Volunteers will check-in and sign out in the office. This way we can keep track of their hours.
    5. To ensure the safety of our volunteers, there should be limits on the tools they have access to. Anything powered like a blower or mower should be handled by a MG.
    6. Anything that needs to be sprayed should be handled by a MG, even if that spray is safe for human contact.
    7. Required to attend an Orientation before working in our Demonstration Gardens.
  • Structure of the day
  • Tool safety
  • Proper gardening attire
  • Importance of being up to date on tetanus shots
  • Check practicum orientation lesson for other items which should be included

Benefits of Program

We see these individuals as ambassadors for JCMGA and SOREC.  They are a way to make us more visible in the community.

Beginning with one segment of volunteering, Demonstration Garden maintenance, would simplify the work in coordinating volunteers, keeping the volunteer group together as a unit to build comradery, and it is what most non-MGs are interested in doing. But although we expect most Friends of the Gardens volunteers to assist in the Demonstration Gardens, volunteers who wish to have other assignments may be accommodated.

One main benefit of having non-MG volunteers in the gardens is that they can start working in the gardens earlier than students can. There are many big-ticket items like leaf removal and pruning that occur in mid spring while the students are still in class. Another benefit is that currently GEMs often have trouble keeping up with the work involved with garden maintenance but with more volunteers it will lighten their workload.



Targeted Audience

Our targeted audience are those individuals who are interested in gardening but not a Master Gardener.

The minimum age will be 10 years old and accompanied by an adult.  All waiver forms would have to be signed by the guardian.

The minimum age for someone to volunteer without a parent/guardian is 16 years old.  Guardian would have to sign the waivers.

No maximum age limit.  Volunteers will supervise their needs – such as drinking water, taking breaks, sitting in the shade ….


Possible Perks for the Friends of the Gardens

  • Knowledge gained in working with GEMS in the gardens.
  • Possible discounts in organization (TBD)
  • Invitation to Annual Membership Picnic
    • Give out a Friend of JCMGA Award
  • Social interaction with people who also enjoy gardening.

How to Advertise It

  • Facebook
  • Garden Beet
  • Add a page on JCMGA website.
    • General information about program
    • Waiver documents available
    • Orientation Video






Jackson County Master Gardener Association Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

By Beet 2023 10 October

Jackson County Master Gardener Association

Board of Directors Meeting


August 11, 2023

The Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Zoom at 9:27 a.m. with President

Marcie Katz presiding.

Board Members Present: Marcie Katz, Barbara Low, Jane Moyer, Sean Cawley, Keltie Nelson, Kathy Apple, Colet Allen, Dee Copley, Trina Stout, Lucy Pylkki, Rob McWhorter, Marcia Harris, Ronnie Budge, Sandy Hammond, Janine Salvatti, Grace Florjancic

Absent: Regula Pepi, Margaret Saydah, Pam Hillers, Cassandra Toews,

Guests: Sherri Morgan

Consent Agenda:  Ronnie Budge asked two questions about the picnic plans as described in the Member Services WG Report.  “Offers and Needs” is an icebreaker where everyone tells three things they need, then three things they have to offer.  The Arboretum was mistakenly labeled the pavilion.  Ronnie Budge moved and Colet Allen seconded the Consent Agenda be approved.  Unanimous approval.


Additions to the Agenda: The blue barrels were deleted from the agenda to enable the board

to follow Policy 1.8.

Approval of Agenda: Kathy Apple moved to have the agenda approved as amended.  Ronnie

Budge seconded.  Motion passed.

Approval of Minutes: Keltie Nelson pointed out four board members were listed as both present and absent in the July minutes.   Keltie Nelson moved and Ronnie Budge seconded the July board meeting minutes be approved as corrected.  Unanimous approval.



  1. Barbara Low reported to date 57 people had signed up for the picnic on August 19.

Sandy Hammond will run the 50/50 raffle.  Colet Allen is arranging for the groceries.

  1. The Nominating Committee will be chaired by Barbara Low. A Mail Chimp will be sent

out asking for more members.

  1. Barbara Low announced the 2024 graduation will be held at 5:30 on November 4.

Both students and perennial Master Gardeners need to report their hours online

(VRS) or turn a paper version into Grace.

  1. Janine Salvatti reported a workshop will be held September 15 for making glass

mosaic garden art.  It will be open to Master Gardeners and the public.  Participants

can find the supply list in the August Garden Beet.

  1. Janine Salvatti announced Art in the Gardens will be held 9:00-12:00 August 26.

Artists are invited to make “plein air” art in the demonstration gardens.  The only

request is that artists include “JCMGA” in their art piece.

  1. Sandy Hammond reminded board members the Fall Festival will be held October 14.

Setup will be Friday, October 13.  Plant sale booths will be located in the parking lot.

All other sales will be in the auditorium, including holiday items.


Coordinator’s Report:  MG Coordinator Grace Florjancic reported

  1. Danielle Knueppel, MG Coordinator and Small Farms Coordinator for Josephine Co.

has resigned effective August 31.  A replacement will be advertised for.

  1. interpretive signage for the gardens is being edited and will be ready for installation

in the spring.

  1. Talk to Grace if you are interested in a citizen scientist project involving rain gauges.
  2. One-hundred fifty-five pounds of produce have been collected for ACCESS to date.

Bring extra produce to the Gathering Garden 9:00-10:30 on Wednesday mornings.

Discussion items:

  1. Barbara Low announced the dates for the 2023 Winter Dreams Summer Gardens

Symposium have been set for October 27, 28, November 3, and 4 (14 sessions).  All

speakers for the 2023 WDSG have been arranged plus one for 2024.  Registration will

open on the JCMGA website on Monday, August 14.  The 2024 dates will be October

18, 19, 25, and 26 (16 sessions).

  1. The Southern Oregon Home Shows will be held in Josephine Co. February 16, 17, 18

and in Jackson County May 3, 4, 5 (the same weekend as Spring Garden Fair).  The

Community Outreach Working Group will be in charge of JCMGA involvement.  It is

thought there may be some MG’s who are unable to physically help with SGF who

might agree to doing a shift at the May Home Show.

  1. A Community Outreach Working Group committee made up of Ronnie Budge, Colet

Allen, Trina Stout, and Romina Klayman will determine how to proceed with Spanish

translation of MG written materials.

  1. Jane Moyer asked about reaching out to the Josephine Co. Master Gardener

Association to start investigating the possibility of having a two-county association

similar to the Tri-County Master Gardener Association in the Portland area.  It was

decided it might be premature.  OMGA Representative Kathy Apple was asked to find

out information about how they formed and how they function, though.

  1. Jane Moyer also suggested it might be a good idea to have a representative at the

Jackson Co. Commissioners meetings.  Master Gardener Coordinator Grace Florjancic

will ask Extension Manager Heidi Gehman and SOREC Director Alec Levin if it would

be appropriate.  The next meeting is 9:30 a.m. Friday August 16.  Barbara Low offered

to attend.

  1. Master Gardener Sherri Morgan, representative to the SOREC Advisory Council

reported the next meeting will be Thursday, August 17.  She will report on it at the

September board meeting.  Topics of interest to the board include ADA requirements,

solar panels, timeline for the Creepy Old House, painting a mural on the front of the

COH, regular mowing of the front yard of the COH.

  1. Keltie Nelson reported JCMGA has outgrown the capacity for having a free Mail

Chimp account.  Upgrading would cost $20/month with a 50% nonprofit discount.  No

vote was needed because the budget already has funds available.  Keltie also reported

all students are receiving Mail Chimps.

  1. The topic of including financial information in The Garden Beet was continued from

the July meeting.  It was decided that pie charts will be developed to show by

percentages where JCMGA’s funding comes from and how it is spent rather than

showing actual amounts.

  1. Janine Salvatti asked board members to save large pieces of cardboard for the

Gardens Enhancement Committee to use as weed barrier.

Motion Items:  Jane Moyer received bids from Travis Curtis Construction for concrete pathways around and in the Lavender Garden.  The original bid covered a 42″ pathway between the Vineyard and the Lavender Garden with a small section going into the Lavender Garden and a landing pad in front of the garden.  The estimate is $9480.  After discussions with Alec Levin, a second bid for a pathway through the garden was requested and received for $3250 with half the amount over $10,000 to be paid by JCMGA and half to be paid by SOREC ($1365 each).  On behalf of the Fundraising Working Group, Jane Moyer moved the board approve the amount of $1365 for JCMGA’s share of the amount to be paid over $10,000.  Unanimous approval. Jane will be meeting with Alec Levin and Travis Curtis to obtain a copy of the plan along with a contract.

MEETING ADJOURNED: President Marcie Katz adjourned the meeting at 11:33.

NEXT MEETING: Board Meeting (Hybrid) Friday, September 8, 2023, 9:00 chit-chat, 9:30 meeting             

Submitted by Jane Moyer, Recording Secretary






What a GREAT Class!

By Beet 2023 07 July

Preparation for the 2023 class started in the summer of 2022.  With no Jackson County Master Gardener Coordinator hired yet, a team composed of Josephine County Master Gardener Coordinator Danielle Knueppel, Jackson County Extension Administrative Office Manager Heidi Gehman, and Jackson County Master Gardener Jane Moyer was formed to plan for the 2023 class.  Heidi and the JCMGA Communications Working Group began recruiting potential students.  In the fall, Jane and Lynn Kunstman began interest group meetings to acquaint potential students with the Master Gardener Program and informed them of the requirements for students.  Over 100 people attended the meetings, and 55 signed up for the class.


Jump forward to the first day of class, January 25, 2023.  Grace Florjancec, the new JCMG Coordinator, had started just eight days before. Yet here came 55 new students plus a handful of perennial MGs (veterans) who wanted to retake the class, and additional perennials serving as Garden Buds (mentors) or providing help for the day.  And were they ever enthusiastic!


Enthusiasm is the word that best describes this year’s class!  They have been ready to participate in every activity with glee!  They planned and gave presentations on 14 plant families including facts, samples, humor, food, songs and even poetry.  They organized and ran an MG clothing sale.  They signed up for Plant Clinic, worked in the gardens, helped in working groups and committees, and participated in Practicum.  They planted seeds, transplanted seedlings, watered, fertilized, and helped keep equipment and supplies organized, neat and clean.  And each Practicum session planned and held a celebration for all they had accomplished so far.


The first Spring Garden Fair since 2019, and the first to be held at the Extension instead of the fairgrounds, was held on Saturday May 6. Students assisted customers and vendors, helped direct traffic, pulled wagon loads of plants to the research parking lot for pickup, continued to stake tomatoes, collected empty trays, and just kept going and going.  Then they came back on Saturday May 13 to do it all over again at the After Sale (1/2 price greenhouse plant sale).


We, the perennials, want them to know how much we appreciate their efforts!  Especially due to the students’ enthusiastic labors, we estimate that Practicum brought in over $13,000. Of course, expenses still need to be deducted from this amount. Yet to put this in perspective, the most Practicum ever earned in two days at the fairgrounds was $16,000, with $12,000 to $13,000 being the norm.


What a GREAT class!  Hopefully, they will continue with JCMGA for a long time!



By Beet 2023 07 July


Anytime you shop at the Grange Co-op, you have the option to put your purchase rewards towards the Master Gardeners Association! Just tell the clerk to give your rewards to:

Jackson County Master Gardeners

Account# 15333


Who doesn’t love an easy way to benefit MGA! This year JCMGA was able to buy over $1000 of gardening supplies for Practicum, the Demonstration Gardens, and irrigation needs with the rewards accumulated by members and friends remembering 15333.


Practicum Is Back!

By Beet 2023 02 February

March 13, 2020! The last day Practicum was able to practice in all its glory! A day many of us will never

forget! The day SOREC was closed due to COVID.

The greenhouses sat mostly unused for almost three years. Weeds crept in under the walls. Spiders spun their webs with abandon. Dust accumulated. Many Practicum mentors decided it was time to move on to other pursuits. And the Creepy Old House, where the Practicum “classroom” was in the garage, was condemned because of asbestos. Many wondered if this all meant the end of Practicum.

But NO! PRACTICUM IS COMING BACK! The remaining mentors and newly recruited mentors have spent many a Tuesday morning scrubbing, cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming, installing new lights in the Prop House, creating a new teaching space in Greenhouse #1 and reorganizing Greenhouse #2. New mentor manuals have been created for the mentors who needed them. Handouts for the entire program have been run and organized. New mentors were trained and returning mentors were refreshed during an all-day training on January 31.  Students signed up on February 1 for their Practicum days. And the first day of Practicum will be February 9.




Easy Fundraising for JCMGA

By Beet 2023 02 February

Over the years, my 1992 pickup had progressed from daily use to being used only occasionally for hauling loads of landscaping material, then to being towed to the mechanic every time I wanted to use it, to an ugly yard ornament. I had been thinking for a long time about donating it to a local nonprofit for a tax write-off so was overjoyed when the Jackson County Master Gardener Association entered a partnership with CARS (Charitable Adult Rides and Services). This organization accepts cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, trailers, and airplanes to fix up for resale or to sell as parts — with a large portion of the profits going to a nonprofit of the donor’s choice. I decided to give it a try.

Arrangements can be made by either filling out a form on the CARS website at or by calling 1-855-500-RIDE (7433). Have the title available when contacting them. They will ask for information from it. If doing it online, when prompted to choose a nonprofit to receive the proceeds, click on the Education and Research category to find JCMGA.

A date will be set for your donation to be picked up that depends on availability of a tow truck. My date was December 31. New Year’s Eve turned out to be a very busy day for tow trucks so my date had to be moved to the following week.

That’s all there is to it. CARS does the rest. They arrange and pay for repairs to make the donation sellable, if possible. If this isn’t possible, they part it out and sell the parts. Their goal is to ensure the chosen nonprofit makes the maximum amount of money. Within 30 days of the sale, they send a thank you letter that can be used as a tax receipt. If the donated vehicle sells for more than $500, they will also send an IRS Form 1098-C, Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes, if your tax ID number (usually your Social Security number) has been provided.

Easy peasy! No more ugly yard ornament! A tax deduction in hand! A nice donation to JCMGA! And a feel-good moment as you wave goodbye.

Jim Scannell

By Beet 2023 01 January

by Linda Holder and Jane Moyer

Jim Scannell may not be remembered by many current Jackson County Master Gardeners, but we can all thank him and his wife, Ellen, for many aspects of JCMGA.  He took the class in 1997, was an at large board member in 1998-99, 2006, 2007, and 2008; treasurer in 1999, 2000, 2004, 2005, 2009, and 2010; president in 2001; recording secretary in 2002; audit chair in 2006 and 2007; historian (pre-archivist) in 2008 and 2009; and OMGA Alternate Representative in 2011 and 2012.  Recognizing how valuable Jim was to JCMGA, he was awarded Life Membership in 2005.

Jim looked after the JCMGA treasury with eagle eyes and can largely be credited, in our opinion, to the fact that we have a healthy bank account to this day. Jim always told us that we needed to plan for a rainy day and during his years as our treasurer, he made sure we had a plentiful cushion to get us through hard times.

Jim was an advocate for the creation of the Demonstration Gardens and worked tirelessly on the pathways.  When Ellen was granted permission to start the Lavender Garden in 2002, Jim put in countless hours of hard labor creating the paths in it. However, after scouring the archives, not much could be found in the way of documentation of his involvement. That’s because Jim worked quietly behind the scenes and was never one to toot his own horn! Here’s the extent of what could be found in past copies of The Garden Beet:

In December 2002, Ellen wrote, “Jim and I started clearing the area for the new Lavender Garden of gourds, vines and debris.” She also said, “Jim will order several loads of granite for pathways which are his forte.”

In Winter 2003, Ellen wrote, “Jim laid down granite paths.” Note, this was done in winter! What is not stated is there was a lot of snow that winter that led to plentiful and deep mud. The lavender plants, donated by Jim and Dottie Becker of Goodwin Creek Gardens, were planted in snow and mud that hardened around them. The paths were created under the same conditions.

Jim Scannell was one of our most favorite people in the whole world, a “Mr. Rogers type” of guy! He was quiet, thoughtful, studious, hard-working, diligent, unassuming, a gentleman through and through, and possessed an often unseen, very wry sense of humor. He donated hours and hours of physical labor to JCMGA as well as being a loyal part of the administration. No job was too small nor too large for Jim!

Jim passed away on November 15, 2022, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Rest in peace, Jim! Your efforts live on in JCMGA!