Thank you for your interest in the Jackson County Oregon State University Extension Master Gardener™ program.  Classes are offered each year starting in January and run for 11 weeks, including Practicum sessions which run for an additional 5 weeks.

The first phase of the program consists of classroom training in botany, soil science, horticulture, insect and plant management, vegetable cultivation, and much more. Classes are held on Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, at the OSU Extension Auditorium at 569 Hanley Rd, Central Point.  In addition, students will participate in a 3-hour weekly Practicum on a day of their choice.

The second phase of the program consists of 60 educational service volunteer hours which must be completed by October 1, 2020. Of the required volunteer hours, at least 21 hours must be in the Master Gardener Plant Clinic that operates in the Jackson County Extension Office, at the Growers’ Market in Medford and at selected other activities. Other required hours include 14 hours from the built-in Practicum sessions. You can choose from several other options for the remaining 25 hours.

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For those of you that would like to complete the education portion of the program from the comfort of your home or according to your own schedule, try our one-of-a-kind Master Gardener online program, which offers great options for enthusiasts and pro gardeners alike.

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If you missed this year’s program, click here to go to our Community Education Classes page.

All other questions should be directed to:
Erika Szonntag, Jackson County Master Gardener Coordinator

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