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By Lynn Kuntsman

Master Gardener 2012

Dee has been a Master Gardener for six years.  Her contributions during that time have been most impressive.

For the last four years, Dee has organized and coordinated Seed to Supper classes.   Dee’s program coordinator, Emily Mann,  reports that the class would not happen without Dee’s help and dedication: spending hours each week from November-May recruiting MGs to teach the program; helping train volunteers; sending emails; connecting participants; and marketing classes. With between 6 to 8 six-week courses offered each year, it has been no simple task. Dee  reliably and consistently donated her time to coordinate classes, bringing hands-on gardening education to roughly 85 members of the Jackson County community.

With the 2020 classes postponed, Dee continues to keep the spirit of Seed to Supper alive–participating in community conference calls, continued  communication with past and current participants, and working on a succession plan for when she finally retires from her volunteer position.

       JCMGA Greenhouse 2 would not be a reality without Dee’s expertise and hard work.   As a realtor,  she was uniquely qualified to navigate the complicated Jackson County permit process. Due to zoning restrictions, procuring the required documents was especially challenging. Dee worked with various county offices clarifying regulations, ensuring requirements were met, and working with JCMGA members to carry out specifications – always with good humor, clarity, and endless patience.

Congratulations, Dee, and thank you from all of us for your dedication and hard work.


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