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Grace Florjancic
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Hello Gardeners,

As October begins, we approach the end of the Master Gardener volunteering year. I have had a great year getting to know our perennial Master Gardeners and experiencing the program for the first time with our new Master Gardener students. We had a great crew of students, many of whom will graduate on November 4th and continue on to be lasting volunteers in the Master Gardener Program. Thank you everyone for all your hard work in making this year successful and providing feedback and ideas to make next year even better!

Remember to record your volunteer hours!

Recording volunteer hours is important for every Master Gardener no matter how many or few hours you volunteered this year. Program Coordinators (like me!) track our numbers in our yearly reports to show our counties how awesome our volunteers are and all the amazing things you accomplish. The deadline for reporting hours is the end of October. The sooner you get those in the better!

OSU uses an online website to report volunteer hours called the Volunteer Reporting System. (Website Link: This makes it easier to keep track of everyone’s hours to see who will remain certified to teach next year and which students have completed their hours for graduation. Here are helpful videos on how to use the VRS. (Videos:

Students need a total of 45 volunteer hours to graduate and become certified to teach others. Perennial Master Gardeners need 20 volunteer hours and 10 continuing education hours to remain or become certified to teach. Teaching can range from being a Plant Clinic Mentor educating the community on their plant problems; being a Seed to Supper instructor educating the community on veggie gardening on a budget; or a GEM leading Master Gardeners and students in the Demonstration Gardens, giving presentations to garden clubs through the Speakers Bureau, and much more!

It is not too late to complete your 2023 graduation or recertification hours!

Please reach out to me at so I can help you find ways to reach your goals!


Enjoy the cool fall weather,

Grace Florjancic