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Editor’s note: Cora Lee wrote this note to thank Ronnie and the Master Gardeners for the obituary in the May issue of The Beet about the passing of her husband, Haydn.


Dear Master Gardeners,

What a lovely thing to do – thanks for the memories. Our long association with the Master Gardeners were some of the best times in our lives. As volunteers you think you are doing something for someone – your community. Giving back. Yes we did spend a lot of time at Extension. And we had a good time, made friends, gained more knowledge and experience, and had the satisfaction of seeing accomplishment. It was far more than we gave.

I am sad to lose Haydn. He was my best friend. We have had a good life. A family of 4 children who are now as old as we were when we joined MG in ‘94. We’ve lived and traveled all over the US. We have lived out most of our dreams. The last 9 months we finally lived in Hawaii as many of you remember it was our hope to someday do that.

Now I am in Vancouver, WA, near part of our family. I have a small house and a yard where I can continue to garden. It is my solace. I have a new journey to make. And I have great memories.


Cora Lee

May 11, 2020

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