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Easy Fundraising for JCMGA

By November 29, 2022Beet 2022 12 December
Jane Moyer
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This is the second in a series of articles on how JCMGA can be financially supported with little or no personal expense. This month, we are going to concentrate on purchases at the Grange     Co-op.

Are you a member of the Grange?  If you are, you may not know that you need to spend over $500 in a year to receive any rewards.

However, if we group our rewards, JCMGA can save a lot of money.  When you buy something at the Grange, tell the cashier you would like to credit your purchase to the Jackson Co. Master Gardeners.

The words in bold are vitally important! The cashier needs to know you are asking for a credit, not a charge.  And, because there are Master Gardener chapters and Granges in Josephine Co., Klamath Co., and Curry Co. as well as Jackson Co., asking to have your purchase credited to “Master Gardeners,” rather than Jackson Co. Master Gardeners, may give the rewards to another chapter.

They may also ask for a name to go with the credit.  Names on our account are Marcie Katz, Doug Kirby, and Jane Moyer.

Following these simple steps can contribute hundreds of dollars to JCMGA per year with no expense to any of us.