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February in the Garden

Good morning on this very cold day. Frost on the windows, grass, and shrubs. I’m sitting by my window watching the birds in our backyard – some in the bird feeders, others in the bushes.  I see several different kinds of birds – each with their own habits.

Last month, I talked about what we should be doing in our gardens during the month of January. I am continuing this series of articles and hope that you find them to be helpful and inspiring. With that said, our gardens still need to be cared for so that they will do well in the spring and summer.

The Jackson County Master Gardener Association has a great resource for gardeners to use. It is the Garden Guide for the Rogue Valley – Year-Round & Month by Month book.  This great reference book for gardeners is mainly about the growing of vegetables, berries, and melons.

In this article, I will briefly refer to what we should be working on during the month of February based on the information in this book and articles on the OSU website.

February is the time to:

  • Continue to plan what you want to plant in spring – if you haven’t done it already. What seeds do you want to order? Do you want to try some new or different vegetables and/or berries?   
  • Plants which you plant as seeds to transplant later
    • Cabbage * Chinese Cabbage
    • Lettuce (head)                         * Endive, Escarole
    • Parsley * Leeks
    • Onions * Oriental Greens
    • Pak Choi
  • Plants which you can plant as seed outside
    • Peas (if there are the right soil conditions)
    • Arugula * Cress, Garden
    • Corn salad * Mustard greens, turnip greens
    • Radishes * Spinach
  • Plants to Transplant this month
    • Asparagus roots * Herbs, perennial
    • Horseradish * Lettuce (head)
    • Onion sets, plants * Strawberries
  • Time to prune your established grapes
  • Remove mulch from established asparagus beds and fertilize.
  • Fertilize over-wintering vegetables with high nitrogen fertilizer
  • Fertilize rhubarb – OSU publication “Grow Your Own Rhubarb”


The Garden Guide for the Rogue Valley – Year-Round & Month by Month book contains a wealth of gardening information. You can purchase it at our local Grange Co-op or at the OSU Extension office for $21.00. It can also be purchased on-line at Note that a shipping fee will be applied.




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