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Funding Master Gardener Programs Across the State

Kathy Apple
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Did you know that Master Gardener programs exist because the Oregon State Legislatures funds faculty and staff through the OSU Statewide Public Service Programs?  Currently five counties, Benton, Clatsop, Douglas, Linn & Tillamook, do not have faculty or staff support for a Master Gardener program.  Funding for our own Jackson County is never guaranteed without your support!

The Oregon State Legislature has just begun building the state budget for 2023-2025.  They have about five months to get the job done.

Ask your State of Oregon Senator & Representative now to support OSU Statewide Public Service Programs at $206M.

MG Program funding is part of this package.

  • Tell them about your love for gardening and educating the public.
  • Share stories about how your service makes your community a better place!
  • Act now when the Oregon Legislature is making budget decisions!

If you need help contacting your representatives, go to the Oregon Master Gardener Association website advocacy page at

There you will find a toolkit to help you.  The toolkit includes a short form letter to send to your legislators, talking points for calling your legislators, sample letters to customize your message, and legislature contact information.

Keep our Master Gardener program alive and well!  Contact your state representatives today!