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Giving our finances a boost, Chapter 2

By August 30, 2020Beet September 2020

By Jane Moyer

Master Gardener 2005

In the August Garden Beet, the need for finding ways to replace JCMGA’s usual fundraising efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic was explained along with details on how the funds are spent. The first suggestion for raising funds was to ask that Grange purchases be credited to the “Jackson County Master Gardeners account” (account #15333).

The questions of the month for September are “Are you storing items in good repair that you no longer use or need? Unwilling to have a yard sale because of the health risks but want to get rid of those items?” How about checking out the classified section of the JCMGA website ( Sign in to the members section. On the right side of the screen, scroll down to “Classifieds.”

Gardening tools, equipment, and supplies are, of course, natural items to advertise to fellow gardeners. However, any item you want to be rid of can be advertised on this site. At least one Master Gardener who is downsizing is advertising furniture and household items as well as gardening supplies and tools.

So, how does this help JCMGA? If you sell items on the JCMGA site, consider donating a portion or all of the proceeds from the sale of your item(s) to JCMGA. This would be a voluntary donation, not a requirement. Some of us would be so grateful to have a simple way to clear out our unused and no longer needed or wanted items and a donation to JCMGA would be a good way to say “Thank you!”