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Many Master Gardeners and visitors have admired the glass art pieces hanging in a few of the gardens which were made by members of the Garden Enhancement Committee. They have requested a class to learn how to create their own framed glass art. So here goes! It is so much fun!

Date:  September 15th         

Time:  1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Location:  SOREC Administration Building – Auditorium

The class is free, but you will need to bring your own supplies. Suggested supplies are:

  1. Suitable glass options to use for a base or substrate, preferably one that will permit you to hang for display. (Keep in mind most pieces in your project should be transparent.):
    • Glass platter or large plate
    • Unframed flat glass. Choose a standard size so you can frame later. Tape the edges to avoid cutting yourself.
    • Frame with glass.
      • You can choose any size, but first projects are easier if you start out with a small to medium size.
      • Glue the glass into the frame with one of the glue options below before class. It should be dry before you arrive.
  1. Glue options suitable for outdoor use: clear silicone, Wellbond, E-6000.
  2. Various sizes and colors of glass flat-backed beads or “blobs”, transparent pre-cut mosaic glass, colored glass saucers, small china bowls/cups, small glass figures, shiny aquarium sand, small pebbles, colored bottles, ANYTHING THAT STRIKES YOUR FANCY. Think outside the box! Sources: Dollar Store, on-line, garage sales, thrift stores, hobby store, etc.
  3. Think of a simple design. This project does not lend itself to a lot of detail unless you wish to cut glass to certain sizes and shapes, as you would for stained glass.
    • Design examples: simple flowers in a grass meadow, hearts, simple butterfly shapes, geometric shapes, abstract designs.
    • Design inspirations: Pintrest. Search for: “Gluing glass beads to window glass.”
    • Draw your design on paper that fits your substrate. This pattern goes under the glass for you to follow.  Choose your glue-on items with a color scheme if you wish or just embrace the random!
    • Several pre-made patterns will be available for you to use if you don’t have something in mind.

This is a fun, fun, fun event! We would love to help you make glass art. You can make it for yourself – or you can you donate it to the display in the gardens or it can be sold by the JCMGA at the Fall Festival.

Your questions are welcome.  Call, text, or email:  Janine Salvatti or Marcie Katz.