School Garden/Horticultural Grants Program

The Jackson County Master Gardener™ Association (JCMGA) awards school grants throughout Jackson County to deserving schools where an individual or group within a school wants to offer gardening education and horticultural learning opportunities for students. School projects can be part of a school beautification plan, a classroom teacher helping students start a flower garden for Mother’s Day, a class growing salad or pizza toppings, or any variation involving the growing of plants.

Key Aspects of the School Garden Grants Program

Applications are available beginning in June for projects planned for the following school year. The deadline for returned/completed applications is mid-October of the same year. Acceptance notifications with accompanying funding are typically distributed by mid-November.  Applications request a brief description, accompanied by an estimated cost breakdown of the proposed project.

JCMGA funding is earmarked for activities directly involving students and their hands-on interaction with soil, seeds, plants, small gardening tools, and activities that connect students directly with the process of growing plants. JCMGA funding is not intended for major construction projects (e.g., the building of greenhouses), or for purchasing large equipment (e.g., rototillers).

Evaluation criteria:

  • Project meets the direct “hands-on” intent of JCMGA funding
  • First time request, or continuation of a larger or expanded project
  • Number of students benefitting from the project
  • Likelihood of success; ability to complete project within funding requested
  • Qualifications and commitment of school garden project key individual
  • For larger projects, the availability and/or use of other resources (e.g., parent-teacher organizations, businesses, older students)

A Master Gardener will be assigned as a school contact for questions arising during the application review process and for project follow-up. Project completion pictures are encouraged to be submitted by the school or taken by the Master Gardener contact.

School Grant applications are available electronically to download here:

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Copies of applications and/or program information may be obtained at:

Master Gardener School Grants
ATTN: Barbara Davidson
569 Hanley Road
Central Point, OR 97502


The Jackson County Master Gardener™ Association will honor a graduate of an Oregon high school who is or will be a junior, senior or graduate student at Oregon State University to further his or her education in a plant-related field (all horticulture options). A merit scholarship of up to $2,500 will be awarded. Preference will be given to graduates from Jackson County high schools should all other academic considerations be equal.

The field of study may include but is not limited to horticulture, botany, biology, forestry, biochemistry, entomology, agricultural education, general agriculture or landscape design.

Requirements: Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Two letters of recommendation (one from an instructor), and also an interview (by phone if needed) with the Jackson County Master Gardener Scholarship Committee.  Completion of the application.

Application Open Date – November 15, 2020
Application Close Date – February 15, 2021

The Online Scholarship Application
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For More Information
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