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I Love This Tomato Because…

Cassandra Toews
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Do you have a favorite tomato variety that you grow every year? Or have you recently discovered a new favorite? We are looking for personal recommendations from local gardeners to include with our tomato ‘varietal information’ signage for the Spring Garden Fair 2024. I realize this may seem early, but right now those tomato qualities that you love are fresh in your mind, and fresh in your garden!

Your recommendation should have the specific tomato variety name and describe the qualities that you value the most (taste, appearance, vigor, size, etc.). You could also include how long you’ve grown it, how you use it (fresh, slicer, paste, salsa, etc.), and any other aspects that you think are important.

Please email your glowing recommendation of 100 words or less, in Word or Rich Text format, to Barbara Low at <> and include your name as you’d like it to be listed in our signage.