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January: The ‘ready, set – wait’ month

By January 8, 2021Beet January 2021

“Plant so your own heart will grow.” – Hafiz


We are greeting 2021 with more hope than we’ve had in nearly a year.

Although Gardeners have not been spared from the myriad hardships of COVID-19, we can feel gratitude that our love for gardening has given us some measure of respite and comfort. Our hearts and community grow when we plant and when we dream of planting.

The garden checklist for January is scant. It’s kind of the “Ready, Get Set” month as days start to lengthen.

The nagging but prudent routine items continue to be pest and weed control. Better to address these early than letting them gain a bigger foothold in the garden. You may need to water ornamentals under the eaves if they do not get reliable rainwater.

Catalogs are rolling in. I hear your brain thinking, “I’d just like to try this or that.” Our eyes are greedy. Can you really use 200 seeds of any one plant? Although they will keep for next year, you might want to work out a sharing scheme with your gardening friends. Oh, and don’t let your seed stash from last year (or the year before that) languish!

Assess your gardening experience from last year. Consider removing pest and disease prone plants and replace with resistant varieties. Does mulch need to be replenished?

The big thing for January is planning…

Your veggie plot. Crop rotation. Is this the year you go for raised beds or container gardening? Are you going to germinate seeds or buy starts? What needs to be pruned this spring? Is it time to test your soil? Are you planting a few native perennials and annuals? Get your row covers organized, clean the greenhouse and then drag yourself to a hot shower or the hot tub!

Wishing you a 2021 filled with promise and health.

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