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JCMGA Ballot – 2024 Board Voting Ballot

The following JCMGA candidates have been nominated by members and the JCMGA Board's Nominating Committee according to the JCMGA bylaws adopted in September 2018. Each of the nominees has agreed to serve. All current JCMGA members are entitled to vote. Ballots must be received by midnight November 4, 2023.

If you have a question or problem with the voting process, please contact Barbara Low (

Elected Officers — Vote by clicking in the box in front of your choice for each office

President Elect (Term Essentially 3 Years)
Recording Secretary (Term 1 Year)
Kathy Apple - As a graduate of the 2017 Master Gardener class, I continue to believe that we should all find a way to give back both to the Association and our community through the various activities of JCMGA.  I have had the privilege of being a Board Secretary previously, most recently with the Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice.  I know the importance of keeping an accurate record of the business of the Board and would be honored to have your support.

Membership Secretary (Term 1 Year)
Ann Ackles - I would be honored to serve Jackson County Master Gardner’s as the Membership Secretary.  As a retired Registered Nurse who focused on leadership in my last two decades, I have excellent Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) skills.  I would carefully confirm the member list and send out emails and mail reminders as required.  As I understand the role I would oversee and implement a secure election process.  I know JCMGA’s peers would assist me understand and deploy this process.  Thank you for your consideration.  

Treasurer (Term 1 Year)

Keltie NelsonI have served the Jackson County Master Gardener Association as Assistant Treasurer for the last two years.  Since Sean Cawley has decided not to run in 2024 as the Treasurer, I am running to fill the position.  Prior to retiring, I worked as a bookkeeper and accountant for most of my adult life and have always enjoyed been a “bean counter”.

Assistant Treasurer
OMGA Representative

Colet Allen - I have heard that some of our members express confusion about the relationship between JCMGA and OMGA. I wanted to understand what this organization does and how it benefits JCMGA and how we can benefit them. The best way to find out what an organization is all about it to join the group. I volunteered to be on the Joy of Gardening Conference committee last year. That experience convinced me that I wanted to work with that Organization on behalf of JCMGA.

Archivist (Term 1 Year)

Pam Hillers  - I have been the Archivist for the past 3 years and have enjoyed taking care of the hard-copy documents that make up our Master Gardener history. There are many details to this position which I feel I have the skills to manage, and most of all I have the appreciation of being able to capture the documentation for the ongoing work that is accomplished through our wonderful Master Gardener Program.  If anyone is interested in seeing older documents or have questions about our history I will be glad to visit with you.

Members at Large (5 open Positions - Select up to 5)

Rebecca Cohn

I’m running to be on the JCMGA Board because of my personal commitment to sustainable food production. My husband and I have a 10-acre farm in Talent where I have a large permaculture garden that has been certified as a pollinator garden. I believe it is important to educate people in the benefits and importance of gardening and food production. I have been very active with the Friends of the Animal Shelter Board of Directors for many years and can share my expertise.  Previously I was in the US Foreign Service and spent many years serving overseas. I look forward to contributing to the community.


Randa Linthwaite

As a member of the 2023 Master Gardener Class, I feel that Member on the loose, I mean Member at Large will be able to jump in and help where I am needed at the administrative level. I enjoy the classes, the practicums, and the Plant Clinic so filling in and helping in all these areas will be fun as I am learning so much about all the different moving parts of the Master Gardener Association. I work well with others and always try to be a team player and problem-solver in a positive way. I am excited for the year to come and am excited to learn all I can! 


Rob MacWhorter

I've been retired since February 2018 after working for the Forest Service for 40 years. Prior to that I worked for Peace Corps in El Salvador. Education includes a 4-year degree in Forest Resource Management from West Virginia University and a Masters in Forest Ecology from the University of Montana. I'm a student in the Master Gardener Class of 2023 and will graduate this coming November and I'm the Student Representative on the Master Gardener Board. Primary reasons for wanting to be an At Large Board Member are as follows: increase outreach to our underrepresented communities, increase enrollment of underrepresented community members in the Master Gardener class and program, increase program volunteers and assist the Board in increasing our understanding of student needs.


 Lucy Pylkki

I have had the pleasure to serve as a director at Large for the last 2 years and would like to continue in addition to serving on 3 Working Groups.


Cassandra Toews

I would like to continue as a JCMGA Board member because I believe that this organization is an important teaching vehicle for the health of our pollinators, birdlife, and the vigor of our gardens. It's important to support our valuable community organizations, which in turn improves the health of our society.