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JCMGA Board Meeting Minutes – May 10


Board Members Present (In-Person or Via Zoom):

Barbara Low, President, Co-Chair, Winter Dreams Summer Gardens WG, Co-Chair Marketing & Technology WG, Chair Member Services WG

Marcie Katz, Past President, Co-Chair Spring Garden Fair WG

Rob MacWhorter, President Elect

Keltie Nelson, Treasurer, Co-Chair Marketing & Technology WG

Regula Pepi, Assistant Treasurer

Kathy Apple, Recording Secretary

Ann Ackles, Membership Secretary

Colet Allen, OMGA Representative & Co-Chair, Winter Dreams Summer Gardens WG

Lucy Pylkki, Member-at-Large & Co-Chair, Spring Garden Fair WG

Rebecca Cohn, Member-at-Large

Sandy Hammond, Member-at-Large

Kaleen Reilly, Member-at-Large

Ronnie Budge, Chair, Community Outreach WG

Janine Salvatti, Chair, Gardens WG

Jane Moyer, Chair, Fundraising WG

Grace Florjancic, OSU MG Program Coordinator

Board Members Absent:

Cassandra Toews, Member-at-Large

Pam Hillers, Archivist


Michael Hornbeek

Connie Lyssand

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 9:31am by President Barbara Low.

Additions to the Agenda:  Members requested the following topics be added to the agenda:  1) Review of Spring Garden Fair, 2) Update on the Creepy Old House, and 3) Recognizing members who are departing/retiring from the JCMGA.

Approval of the Agenda:

MOTION:  It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda as amended. Motion passed.

Approval of the Consent Agenda:   Ronnie Budge complimented Colet Allen on her OMGA report.

MOTION:  It was moved and seconded to accept the Consent Agenda as presented.  Motion passed

Approval of the Board Minutes from April 12, 2024:

MOTION:  It was moved and seconded to approve the Board Minutes as written.  Motion passed.


  1. Marcie Katz provided a preliminary report on the 2024 Spring Garden Fair (SGF) outcome. Even with the heavy rain, many people attended on Saturday.  There were no significant issues due to good planning ahead by the SGF Working Group.  The vendors and food trucks did well.  SOREC Farm Manager Jake Hoyman was a huge help in getting the campus ready.  The 2025 SGF will need to be held off SOREC Campus as the fields used for parking will not be available.  The SGF WG is exploring returning to the Jackson County Expo Fairgrounds.   The SGF WG will come back to the Board with a recommendation.
  2. President Elect Rob MacWhorter raised the issue of how JCMGA recognizes those members who are departing or retiring from leadership roles in the association, e.g. members who will no longer serve as Practicum mentors. It was noted that several members are retiring for various reasons including Marcia Harris, Jane Moyer, Virginia Brown, Sherri Morgan, John Kobal, Rosenelle Florencechild, and possibly Ronnie Budge.  Recording Secretary Kathy Apple was directed by the Board to send correspondence to each of the above-named individuals expressing profound appreciation and gratitude for their service to JCMGA.
  3. President Barbara Low noted that the Medford Open Streets event will be held May 17th. JCMGA will have a booth with an education session on the benefits of planting tomatoes horizontally.
  4. Colet Allen and Janine Salvatti provided an update on organizing tours of the Demonstration Gardens for this year. Janine has been impressed with the appearance of the gardens this year and proposed offering tours to the general public later this month.
  5. Colet Allen provided an update on the OMGA Joy of Gardening conference to be held July 12-13th in Corvallis on the OSU Campus. Colet would like to see JCMGA have a prominent Southern Oregon presence this year at the conference.
  6. Creepy Old House: The house is owned by Jackson County which wants to demolish the house before the end of the fiscal year in June.  The plan is to begin June 2nd with the demolition lasting approximately three weeks.  Due to proximity to the house, the pot storage shelves and all containers and trays have been moved.   The prop house may be in danger of collateral damage.  Removal of the Creepy Old House will open the enclosure for the wheelbarrow cage on one side.  The Practicum has chain link fencing sections to enclose the open side temporarily while plans are made.  Board members also asked about the tool shed and Peggy’s shed.  This led to a discussion on various ideas about how to redesign the existing structures to meet the needs of JCMGA now and in the future.  The Board proposed a Design Ad Hoc Committee be formed to assess the current and future needs of the association and make recommendations to the Board including costs.

President’s Report:   President Barbara Low shared the following information with the Board:

  1. President Barbara Low introduced Michael Hornbeek who has been nominated as the Student Representative from the Class of 2024 to replace Janet Wright.

MOTION:  It was moved and seconded to approve Michael Hornbeek as the Student Representative from the Class of 2024.  Motion passed.

  1. President Low continues to meet monthly with MG Program Coordinator Grace Florjancic. This past month included SOREC Farm Manager Jake Hoyman to review preparations for the Spring Garden Fair.
  2. President Low introduced the new JCMGA website page for the Native Plant Nursery.
  3. The nominations for OMGA Awards from the OMGA Awards Nominations Committee has been sent to OMGA including longevity award certificates. The committee also is recommending Board approval to award Lynn Kunstman JCMGA lifetime membership.

MOTION:  It was moved and seconded to approve lifetime JCMGA membership for Lynn Kunstman.  Motion passed.

Finance Report:  Treasurer Keltie Nelson responded to questions from the Board regarding the April financial statements.

Membership Secretary Report:   Membership Secretary Ann Ackles reported to the Board on various improvements to the membership database and the membership renewal form.   The member directories for 2024 have been mailed.

MG Program Coordinator Report:  OSU MG Program Coordinator Grace Florjancic reported that the 2024 MG class has finished.  Students are now accruing their required volunteer hours.   The Plant Clinic is doing well.  The Troon Vineyard tour is set for May 15th.  Grace requested that JCMGA have a booth at the Josephine County Summer Fair for July 19 & 20th in support of the Josephine County Master Gardener Association.  Grace reported that her time with both Jackson County and Josephine County has been manageable.

Practicum:  Jane Moyer reported that the Native Plant Nursery (NPN) has proposed a logo specific to the NPN that will be used in advertising, on Facebook, brochures, etc.  Jane will email a copy of the proposed logo to the Board for approval at the June Board meeting.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 11:00am.

Next Meeting:

  1. The next Board meeting will be held June 14, 2024 from 9:00am to 11:30am and will include the annual membership meeting.
  2. The next retreat will be held May 24th from 9:30am to 11:30am with topics including Spring Garden Update, the Design Ad Hoc Committee update, and review of the current strategic plan.

Respectfully Submitted by Kathy Apple, Recording Secretary