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Luck Favors Go-getters in 2022!

By December 30, 2021Beet 2022 01 January


Hi JCMGA members, this is your message for January from your President Elect. 

I was told an article for the Garden Beet was due by December 17 and during this transition period from one president to another, I am trying to do as I am told.  Hopefully there was no miscommunication and you won’t get two presidential messages.  If so, enjoy!

Lynn Kunstman was “reelin’ in the year” in her December article, so I am going to stick with the fishing metaphor and am “casting out the bait,” attempting to catch some lucky breaks for us in 2022.  We all know that luck favors the busy go-getters and since we all fall into that category, we can be hopeful and look forward to great things in 2022. 

To get the ball rolling:  Please don’t neglect to renew your membership. Please go to the JCMGA website, membership renewal page.