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OMGA Awards Nominations Wanted

It’s time to nominate someone for State Behind the Scenes Master Gardener of the Year, and our local county JCMGA Master Gardener of the Year and Behind the Scenes Master Gardener of the Year. This year you can also nominate a volunteer who has worked to advance Growing and Belonging.

~~~~ All nominations are due by April 15th. ~~~~


The annual Master-Gardener-of-the-Year Award recognizes outstanding dedication and service in support of sustainable gardening to benefit all of Jackson County and/or the entire Oregon Master Gardener program. Describe your nominees’ contributions in education and outreach, such as work in the Plant Clinic, teaching classes, serving as a mentor, planning and organizing a major project, or other activities. Include any leadership roles they have held. If their work has had an impact beyond the borders of Jackson County, e.g., if other county Master Gardener programs have adopted projects that started in Jackson County, be sure to mention that!


The annual Behind-the-Scenes Award can also be for service just in Jackson County or statewide. It recognizes individuals who work quietly and unselfishly in ways that may not be noticed by everyone, e.g. by preparing and serving refreshments, keeping accurate records, maintaining and repairing the physical plant, or seeing projects through to completion.


In addition to our Master Gardener of the Year, and Behind the Scenes awards, 2023 marks the first year recognizing and celebrating the volunteers who have significantly contributed in advancing diversity, inclusion, access, and/or equity among Master Gardener volunteers and the communities we work with.


In 200 words or less, describe your nominees’ activities as fully as you can ​with specific examples​, and e-mail your nominations to ​Barbara Low at