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Plant a Row Opportunity

During this time our community has many families who are struggling to feed their loved ones.  We have an opportunity to help.  JCMGA wants to encourage people to participate. ACCESS Community Action Agency of Jackson County will again accept our produce this year.

Plant A Row started in Anchorage, Alaska, when garden columnist Jeff Lowenfels asked readers to plant an extra row of vegetables to donate to the local soup kitchen. Gardeners took up the challenge, and garden-fresh vegetables piled into the kitchen. The program went national in 1995, as gardeners across the country promoted planting extra crops for donation. Since then, gardeners have donated more than 20 million pounds of produce to food banks, soup kitchens, and related charities across the U.S. as part of the program.


Would you like to donate produce to people in need? There are three steps to participating.

  1. Grow food! Whether you have a community garden plot, or just a few tomato plants, every pound helps.
  2. In the June Garden Beet, we will have details on where your harvested produce can be dropped off. Details are being worked out now.
  3. Once you’ve dropped off your donation, we will have a record sheet which you may use to record how much produce (by weight) you have donated so we can keep track!  Every pound counts! The Members Services Working Group and the Community Outreach Working Group are working on this.


Last year JCMGA members donated over 700 pounds of produce.

Please consider planting another row to contribute produce to Medford Access.