Practicum – Week 4


  • Watering Larger Containers
  • Irrigation for the Home Gardener
  • Greenhouse Management and Hygiene (Part 2): Pest ID and Control


  • Students will realize the large amount of water needed by plants in the bigger pots (5” and gallon).
  • Students will learn to plan and implement a drip irrigation system for home gardens and landscaping.  They will learn the benefits of drip irrigation over traditional overhead watering systems.  Students will become familiar with various drip irrigation components and how they fit together.
  • Students will learn
    • To identify the common pests found in greenhouses
    • What greenhouse pests look like at every stage of development
    • How to detect the signs of their presence and the importance of early detection
    • The importance of scouting for pests
    • How to effectively apply control methods if pests appear
    • The methods we use to detect and monitor greenhouse pests

Homework Assignment to be read/viewed before coming to Practicum—: