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Saturday Public GARDEN STROLL Is a Success








Photo: Grace Florjancic and neighbor


The Garden Stroll was an experiment gone right!


Marcie Katz and I hosted the first Saturday Public Open Garden Stroll with no expectations. The day started off chilly and we stared at one another for the first 30 minutes harboring doubts anyone would come.  Then, blue skies started to peek through the overcast skies and guests began to arrive. First a few, then more cars arrived. In total we hosted about 15 artists who came to sketch and paint and several small groups of curious locals who had been passing us on Hanley and wondered what this site was about. It was wonderful showing off our gardens and seeing our visitors wander around the grounds.













The artists found interesting scenes to sketch, and the other folks had questions about our Master Gardener program, plants in the various gardens, and one gentleman was interested in becoming a Friend of the Garden.



We may try opening the gardens once a month on a Saturday to introduce more of our community to the gardens for education and respite, indulge the inner artist, or simply commune with a bit of nature close up.