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Seed Donation

By October 30, 2023Beet 2023 11 November
Jane Moyer
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Artichokes, beans, celery, dill, and everything to zucchini!  Ferry-Morse Seed Co. donated boxes and boxes of 2023 seeds to ACCESS, the Community Action Agency of Jackson County. In turn, ACCESS donated them to the Jackson Co. Master Gardener Association. Marsha Waite organized seed packets to make it easy to see what was available.


The Master Gardener Practicum took multiple varieties of tomatoes, peppers, squash, melons, cucumbers, and a multitude of other veggies, plus ornamentals, while barely making a dent in the supply. Seed-to-Supper also took a share to use next spring in the S2S program. Seeds will be soon offered to the GEMs for use in the gardens. And finally, in January, seeds will be made available to students in the 2024 class.


In addition to the seeds, the donation included bags of Jiffy Seed Starting Mix and containers with trays for seed starting. Practicum will  put these supplies to good use and save money in the process.  Many thanks go out to ACCESS and Ferry-Morse!