From Sprout to Table, Seed to Supper, Classes Demystify Vegetable Gardening

Help others or learn to grow your own food during a six-session Seed to Supper course offered by the Jackson County Master Gardener Association. The program highlights practical, low-cost gardening techniques for building, planning, planting, maintaining, and harvesting a successful vegetable garden. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or on acreage, everyone can learn something from this course.  Add more vegetables to your diet and decrease your grocery budget by planting your own garden.

Who:  Adults who want to learn about growing their own fruits and vegetables

What: Seed to Supper is a comprehensive beginning vegetable gardening course designed for adults on a budget.  It is a program designed by the Oregon Food Bank and the Oregon State University Extension Service. It is 6-weeks in duration, one 2-hour session each week.

Where:  Classes are held at various community facilities in Jackson County, hosted by established service agencies and organizations.

When:  Classes are typically held in the February – March timeframe. This permits each participant sufficient opportunity to plan their own garden and start seeds or transplant seed starts in time for the upcoming fair weather gardening season

Why:   Home vegetable gardening continues to grow. It is a great way to stretch a limited meal budget during tough economic times. Many prefer the taste of produce straight from the garden and enjoy sharing their bounty.

Cost:  Free – There is no cost for participant learners.

Course topics:

  • Garden planning
  • Garden site and soil development
  • Planting a garden
  • Container gardening
  • Caring for a growing garden
  • Harvesting and using garden bounty

Refer back to this web page for current year updates related to location and registration information.