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Speakers Bureau — Our Master Gardener Speakers Out In the Community

Our public library invited JCMGA to present a “winter series” of three gardening classes on Zoom. First up was one on “Choosing Seeds for Spring Planting” presented by Ronnie Budge on January 21. Her PowerPoint slides had pictures of seed packets and pages from seed catalogs, and she explained what to look for when deciding which varieties to order. She advised participants to seek out JCMGA’s Garden Guide for more information. The presentation was recorded and will be on the library’s YouTube channel. We’ll share the link with you as soon as we get it.

The always fun and knowledgeable John Kobal provided a “Worm Composting” hands-on demonstration at the Applegate Library on January 28. He reported that he had a good time and that it went well with many expressions of appreciation at the end.  One of the happy 8 attendees got to take home some red wigglers.

The branch supervisor Christine Grubbs indicated that she would like to have a monthly series of gardening talks at her library. John recommended his Year Around Gardening for July and August.  I look forward to talking to Christine.

Presenting programs at our public library, whether via Zoom or “live,” is truly a “win-win” opportunity since the library reaches a new-to-us audience with their publicity.

I will start posting our speaker engagements monthly in the Garden Beet.  They will appear on the JCMGA Calendar as well as in the Announcements section of the Garden Beet.  Remember these classes can also be used toward continuing education hours for Master Gardeners.


Reminder to Master Gardeners:

If you as a Master Gardener provide a presentation that has not been set up by the Speakers Bureau Coordinator (Colet Allen) please send an email or text 425-941-7637 to her with the following information: Day and time of the presentation; the Title; Location; Name of the presenter; and Number of people in attendance.  We need to track our outreach efforts as some of our funding is based on the value we provide.  Thanks to all of you who are out there working to improve our community.