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Board election

WE WANT YOU on the JCMGA Board!

By Beet 2021 07 July 39 Comments

We are looking for new and experienced Master Gardeners to serve on our JCMGA Board for 2022. Could that be you, or someone you recommend (with their permission)?

Please consider becoming a board member.

The board is the governing body of the association. It adopts the budget, sets policy, and generally oversees the present and future direction of JCMGA. Board meetings are held the second Friday of each month.

The following positions are to be elected this fall:




Assistant Treasurer

Recording Secretary

Membership Secretary


OMGA Representative

Five Members-at-Large.

Nominees must be members of JCMGA.

Deadline for nominations is August 15, 2021!

Send nominations to Lynn Kunstman