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Britt Festival Demonstration Garden

Britt Festival Demonstration Garden – planting day success!

By Beet 2021 12 December


Dear Master Gardeners,

This month, I want to highlight the big success of installing the new demonstration garden at the Britt Festival, which features a variety of native, pollinator, and waterwise plants.  This garden is located at the main entrance of the Britt Festival pavilion, next to the ticket booth.

The Britt approached me last winter and asked if the OSU Extension Master Gardener Program would be interested in partnering on a gardening project which would showcase native plants, pollinator plants, and waterwise plants.  This was a great opportunity to partner with a local organization outside of our normal wheelhouse.  The project was first opened to 2020 students to give them the opportunity to have ownership in a project (after all the challenges of COVID!).

Sharon Bryson, Cassandra Toews, and Lora West were our leaders in this project and did an amazing job designing the space.  We were grateful to have the expertise from some experienced Master Gardeners, along with Christie Mackison of Shooting Start Nursery (Central Point) to give the final design the green light.

On November 18, nine MGs – Teresina Christy, Louise Parker, Lynn Kunstman, Cassandra Toews, Barb Steely, Ruth Alexander, Sharon Bryson, Romina Ramos, and Lora West – came together to plant over 100 plants donated by Shooting Star Nursery, Forest Farm and Plant Oregon (thanks to Lora West for the rocks she donated!).  The JCMGA also generously donated 45 Camassia bulbs and compost (thank you!). Thanks also to Sherri Morgan who donated native iris plants.

We will create signage over the winter describing the various plants, highlighting our donors, and other relevant information.  The signs will be installed in time for the Britt’s 2022 season.

Thanks again to everyone who came out on planting day, and thanks to Cassandra, Lora, and Sharon for all of your hard work and dedication!