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The Fig Grove

You are invited to visit our little fig grove, tucked waaaay back in the northwest corner of the Demonstration Gardens. A sorry-looking bramble had been concealing seven varieties of delicious figs. From their sad state the sweet figs called to the Garden Enhancement Committee (GEC) to adopt them. The wild growth was pruned away, the 5-foot weeds were replaced with cardboard and wood chips, and slowly the grove appears to be coming back to life in time for its winter sleep.

Our grove still needs work. The trees are crowded and much too tall for the fruit to be enjoyed by anyone but the lucky birds. But spring will see the GEC embark on the next phase of maintenance. The trees are beautiful – almost tropical looking – and fortunately for us, hardy and forgiving!

If you are interested in helping maintain the fig grove, please email or text either

Many hands make light work!