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The Glass Garden Art Class Was a Bloomin’ Success!







Fifteen or so gardeners piled in to Greenhouse 2 on Friday, Sept 15th, armed with bits of vintage glass plates, bowls, glass blobs of all descriptions, old jewelry, tiny tiles and rocks, beads, stained glass, and a whole lot of creative spirit.

As morning proceeded, the glass garden art took shape. Gluing glass to glass is easy and satisfying. Everyone’s projects were so different. So much creativity! So many pretty pieces!

This event blossomed because visitors and Master Gardeners admired the pieces of glass garden art that were created by members of the Garden Enhancement Committee (GEC) and which now decorate some of the Demonstration Gardens.

The GEC took on this activity as an opportunity for fun and comradery and with the goal of creating a number of pieces to be sold at the Fall Festival on October 14th to help with fund-raising.

By the end of the morning, gardeners were already expressing their desire to have another session. Let’s see what the future holds!