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The Lavender Trail Stops Here!

By July 27, 2023July 28th, 2023Beet 2023 08 August

There’s a weekend every June when the lavender farms from all over the Rogue Valley are open to the public for the Lavender Festival Trail. Visitors can choose to visit them all or select a few favorites, and immerse themselves in the heavenly aroma of French and English lavender in full bloom.

This year, our site was somehow omitted from the official Lavender Trail brochure. However, the dates coincided with our scheduled native plant sale, so Margaret Clark and Irv Johnson, the GEMS of our beautiful Lavender Garden, didn’t give up. With the help of Master Gardener volunteers, they patiently planted themselves under canopies for the three days, hoping our signs along Hanley Road and on the SOREC billboard would catch the attention of lavender lovers.


“If you make it, they will come.” A stream of garden enthusiasts stopped by to wander among the 80 plus varieties in the Lavender Demonstration Garden; the only one in the PNW that is registered in the Herb Society of America. Margaret did an amazing job of providing shortbread cookies rolled in lavender sugar, lavender lemonade, samples of Lilli Belle lavender chocolate and Rogue Creamery’s “La La Lavender” Blue Cheese.  She beautifully decorated the tables with lavender tablecloths, décor and napkins.                                   


It was another “we are back” moment for the Association; 2019 being the last year in which we participated. All in all, it was a fun and successful weekend, and you can be sure we will be back on that list for next year! My thanks to Margaret and Irv and the wonderful volunteers; not only those who came out in the heat to work that weekend, but also those who worked for several days prior to the festival to help get it ready. It truly does take a village!


There will be a lavender harvest workday in August, where we will learn how to harvest, store and braid the lavender, which we will sell at our Fall Harvest Festival.  Also, Irv is looking for a replacement (he has been working in the garden for over 15 years), so if any of you want to be a Co-GEM (Garden Education Mentor) with Margaret or just a lavender helper, come out on Wednesdays from 9-12. Contact Marcie Katz for information about the Lavender Garden at