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The Presidents Corner — “November”


November is here, and the year is winding down. Leaves are turning brilliant colors, plants are concluding their life cycles, and nature is going into hibernation. After the holidays are over, thoughts of feasts and festivities will be tucked back into the recesses of our minds like Christmas ornaments in the attic.

November is a time for reflecting on what the year has brought us, both good and bad. That is true for organizations like the Master Gardener Association also. We enter each new year with the expectation that our organization will be as strong, if not stronger, as before. But unexpected things happen, as we all remember the changes Covid brought: diminished membership renewal, abbreviated MG classes, limited garden upkeep, etc. As we were just getting back to normal, the drought came and literally dried up our well.

Thank goodness for our leadership in those trying years. Each January we start with a new Board of Directors – elected in November – who lead us on. They take on the duties needed to keep the organization running for another year, keeping house so our family can come together to have events like the Spring Garden Fair, Picnic, Fall Harvest Festival and the Practicum. Our leaders deal with internal issues and make decisions; they are the heads of the family with the relatives branching out in all directions coming to them with wants and needs. Ours is a family of volunteers. They are dedicated to preserving the Master Gardener way, using science to educate and bring gardening information to the people.

Without our volunteer Board of Directors, there would be no Master Gardener Association.

This year, please consider running for the board as an officer or member-at-large. Without a Board of Directors, our chapter would be dissolved and the hard-earned money that we share with our community through scholarships, grants, and classes would be given directly to the OMGA. No one wants to see this happen! If no one volunteers to run for open positions on the board, especially for the President Elect position, it could happen to our chapter.

The President Elect stays on the board for three years (President Elect the first year, President the second year, and Past President the third year). The Board meets once a month for under 3 hours with a great group of people. You would be at the center of what makes this organization work and have the satisfaction of helping the dedicated Jackson County Master Gardeners keep going and pursuing our mission.

As outgoing President, I have enjoyed my tenure. I am an “event person”, so my agenda was to positively push for having a new, redesigned Spring Garden Fair and to try a Fall Harvest Festival. Both were experiments because we held the fairs on SOREC property. Whatever you are passionate about could be on your agenda.

I beseech each of you to seriously consider running for President Elect this November. Write yourself in or contact Barbara Low to get on the ballot. Without a President elect for 2024, there will not be a President for 2025 and we will be in default of our by-laws, meaning no more Jackson County Master Gardener Association.