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Things They Are A-Changing

One of our key words since 2020 has been “flexibility.”  On March 17, 2020, COVID-19 hit, and we had to stop all the in-person activities – including our Class of 2020 Master Gardener sessions.

We got used to doing meetings differently by using Zoom.  No Practicum, no Spring Garden Fair, no work in the Demonstration Gardens…

The Jackson County Master Gardeners have been slowly coming back to life and becoming more involved as an organization and within our community.  We missed our in-person activities, such as the Spring Garden Fair, OSU Master Gardener classes, Practicum, monthly community education classes, and working in the Demonstration Gardens. Thankfully, we are now able to thrive by participating in-person in all these activities once again.

We have started new programs, such as: Plant A Row (to donate extra produce from our gardens to people less fortunate) and the Cultivating Companions Program (to reach out to seniors in rural areas to bring gardening into their lives).

Our Demonstration Gardens are being enriched and are absolutely beautiful!

We are embarking on the next phase of our organization.  Several of our buildings which we use for Practicum, growing plants, and housing our gardening tools are very old and need major repair or replacement.  The JCMGA Board has created a Practicum Design Ad Hoc Committee that is scoping out ideas and plans to best meet our needs and our vision.  Jane Moyer is the chair of this committee. We have been gathering ideas from different groups within our organization.

Jane met with Alec Levine, who is the head of SOREC, and he is pleased with what we are working on.  In fact, since the Creepy Old House is scheduled to be torn down soon, he has volunteered to have the old tool shed, Peggy’s Greenhouse and the Infirmary taken away at SOREC’s expense.  The Board has agreed to rent a Pod to store the items from these three buildings temporarily.  This Pod will be located in the parking lot in front of the Native Plant Nursery.

As the plans develop, we will keep you informed.

Please feel free to ask Jane or me any questions you may have about this project.