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Time to Renew Your JCMGA Membership

Patrice Kaska
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JCMGA membership renewal for 2022 is now in progress.  Periodic Mailchimps are being sent to remind you how to renew and to provide you with links to your chosen renewal process.  Annual dues remain at $25 and if you want to be included in the 2022 Chapter Directory, please be sure to complete your renewal by January 31, 2022.

Similar to last year, there are three different ways to renew:

1) Complete the renewal form and pay your dues online

The online form is available on the member side of our website. Go to and click on the Member Portal at the top right of the homepage. Enter your username and password to access the Green House (the members-only portion of the website). On the Green House home page, scroll down through the Member Links on the right and click on Membership Renewal. There you can complete the form, make your dues payment of $25, and even make a donation to JCMGA if you would like.

2) Mail in your renewal form and dues

Print the one-page renewal form (no need to return the information/direction page) and send it and your $25 check for dues to:

JCMGA Member Renewal

569 Hanley Road

Central Point, OR, 97502

There is a link to a printable renewal form on the Mailchimps that are being sent out periodically throughout the renewal period. Click on the link and print the one-page renewal form.  Complete the form and mail it and your $25 dues to the address above.

3) Request that a paper copy of the renewal form be mailed to you

There is also a link on the renewal Mailchimps that you can use to request that a paper renewal form be mailed to you.

Potential JCMGA members who do not have email addresses listed with JCMGA have been sent a paper renewal form by mail.


If you have questions about the renewal process, please contact Patrice Kaska, JCMGA Membership Secretary, at