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Update on the 2021 Elevated Skills Training

By February 28, 2021Beet 2021 03 March

Dear Gardeners,

Happy March!  I would like to start by sharing an update about the 2021 Elevated Skills Training from Gail Langellotto, statewide MG Program Coordinator and Professor of Horticulture at OSU:

“If you are an Oregon Master Gardener volunteer, and haven’t already checked out the 2021 Elevated Skills Trainings for Master Gardener volunteers, now is the time to do so. Altogether, the 14 classes that are being offered have over 3,000 combined enrollments! Seven classes have already opened, and the other seven will open over the coming weeks.

Although the courses, themselves, will remain open for self-paced learning that you can complete at your own pace, and when it is most convenient to you ~ the discussion boards will only be monitored, and instructors will only be available to comment on your assignment submission, through the end of April.

Early reviews for the courses include this note about the Woody Plant ID course: “Plant ID has been my nemesis for my 12 years as a Master Gardener. I pushed through. When we got to the plant ID tool I felt like a whole new and wonderful world opened up for me. I honestly am excited about identifying plants with this tool as a guide. This has me stoked and I have never been ‘stoked’ in my life.”

Please Note: We have changed the original guidance on CEUs for the Elevated Skills Training. Instead of one hour per course taken, you can count and report your actual time in each class, as your number of CEUs. In other words, if a class took you two hours, you can count two CEUs. If a class took you three hours, you can count three CEUs.

I am also working with MG coordinators to see if any part of course participation (such as time spent on the hands-on assignments and practical application of knowledge) can count towards required volunteer service hours. Stay tuned.”

I will support application of knowledge gained from the training towards volunteer service hours in Jackson County.  As Gail said, stay tuned for more information!  And, you can find her full post and other news posts for the OSU Master Gardener Program here.

– Erika