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We Need Your Help!

Ballots for the 2024 JCMGA Board have been sent out. Voting ends November 4th. You should have received your ballot via email from on Oct. 23.

Unfortunately, no one has volunteered to run for President-Elect or Assistant Treasurer on the Board of Directors. These are two important positions. As the President, you would be at the center of what makes this organization work and have the satisfaction of helping the dedicated Jackson County Master Gardeners pursue our mission. As Assistant Treasurer, you will support and aid the Treasurer and serve on the Budget Committee.

The President-Elect position is a three-year commitment.  After serving the first year as President-Elect, the next year this person becomes President.  The following year, he or she becomes Past-President and works with the incoming President-elect. There are specific duties for each year – as listed in the JCMGA Bylaws on the Member Portal of the JCMGA website. There is a binder to go along with each position.  As the 2024 President, I would work closely with the 2024 President-Elect. The position is not overwhelming, and we are always here to help in any way. This position could also be done by 2 people – co-President-Elects.

The Assistant Treasurer position is also listed in the JCMGA Bylaws. That person will learn from and help the JCMGA Treasurer. This position has a one-year term.

To continue to be a viable organization we need to fill these positions. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at

Please seriously consider being a part of our JCMGA Board!