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What did you do during quarantine?

By Marcie Katz

Master Gardener 2019

I have found that as gardeners, we seldom sit still, always looking for that stray weed, plants that need extra care, a branch that needs pruning and all the other myriad of things that a garden requires. Only then can we sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor and the serenity created in our beautiful gardens large and small!

If you’re like me, after 4 months in captivity (during the stay at home rule, LOL), on those days too hot to be outside, you found the desire to open closets, drawers and even that scary garage and tool shed, and said to self, “Why do I have so much stuff?” and “What do I do with it?”

Or, maybe it’s just time to downsize, because realistically, you know your kids really do not want all those wonderful things we treasure and accumulate, and do we want to place that burden on them when the time comes? 

Well, I have a solution for you, Community Yard Sale! Yes, you can take all that good stuff you have purged from your life and donate it to a great cause! 

Roberta Heinz is graciously offering her property for a Community Yard Sale on Saturday, Aug. 29 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

All proceeds will go toward supporting gardening education here in the Rogue Valley. 

So gather all your stuff and drop it off on Friday, Aug. 28 between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. at 3939 Tami Lane, Central Point. 


If you have an excess of plants as well, we will be accepting those in containers with labels for the native and non-native plant sale that will run in conjunction to the yard sale. 

Please contact Marcie Katz by email or call 541-301-8464 if you have folding tables (to loan) and/or a truck or trailer to help move items or wish to volunteer. All remaining inventory will be donated to non-profits after the sale.


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