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You Know You Want to Gnome all About Our Holiday Bazaar!

Janine Salvatti
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The Master Gardener Holiday Gala of 2019 was almost a one-time wonder. But through the vision and efforts of our Fund-Raising Committee and a few enthusiastic and stalwart Master Gardener volunteers, it was resurrected and reemerged as the JCMGA Holiday Bazaar and held in concert with the Native Plant Sale on November 12, 2022.


A Holiday Bazaar turns out to be a lot of work but rewards the gardeners with bonding over shared work and laughter. It also benefited JCMGA by about $788.00. Sandy Hammond and Annette Carter handled all the details of finding volunteers, arranging work areas, making schedules, and reserving the auditorium for the event. We had a number of small work parties to sort through any saleable items left over from the 2019 sale, to make about 30 gorgeous holiday wreaths, sew some festive Christmas socks, wine bags, table runners, and gnomes. We priced items, painted signs, decked the halls, and when it was all over, we packed everything up and left the auditorium spic and span.

Our gratitude goes to the JCMGA elves:  Sandy Hammond, Annette Cater, Jane Moyer, Sandy Hansen, Marcie Katz, Lyn Boening, Linda Holder, Lucy Pulkki, Margaret Sayduh, and Janine Salvatti.