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Zero Waste

By December 31, 2023Beet 2024 01 January

The Jackson County Master Gardener Association is moving towards zero waste. Zero waste simply means creating no garbage. Recycling guidelines change from time to time depending on available buyers for the materials; however, as a group, we try to consistently keep waste to a minimum.

Currently, Rogue Disposal will accept mixed paper (including envelopes) and clean cardboard for recycling.  There is a recycling can for paper in the Extension office, another in the lobby, and a third one in the auditorium.  When Practicum starts in February, a fourth container will be in Greenhouse #1.  Additionally, empty soda cans and plastic bottles can be placed in the marked container in the lobby.

We ask students and perennial (veteran) Master Gardeners to bring their own reusable coffee cups for classes. For social events, we encourage attendees to bring their own table service – preferably reusable plates, silverware, glasses, cups, and even napkins.

The initial social event every year is the annual welcoming lunch for students on the first day of class.  We don’t expect them to know our practices yet, so we borrow the table service from the Master Food Preservers and use the dishwasher in the Extension kitchen.  Convenient?  Not really!  But in the long run, think of the waste we didn’t create.

As individuals, there is more that can be done.  If your garbage company accepts materials other than what can be accepted in the SOREC containers, take items that are not accepted home with you and put them in your recycling can.  Use reusable containers and cloth napkins if you bring food.  If you have leftover food, take that home for leftovers, disposal or composting.

Together, we can move our association closer to realizing its goal of zero waste.  Waste not, want not!