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Lavender Garden Dress-Up Party


A few of the volunteers from left to right: Pam Cashwell, Kata Springer, Gretchen King, and Chris Veach. Photo by Janine Salvatti.

Our Dress-Up party (also known as a garden clean-up party) brought out a happy gang of volunteers for 3 weekly sessions to complete some serious weeding in the Lavender Garden. This was in preparation for the Lavender Trail event, which started June 21, 2024 and continues for several weeks.  Our weeding efforts really complemented the upgraded concrete pathways!

When Master Gardeners respond to a MailChimp, email, or Facebook announcing a “general-call workday” by showing up, we can improve the gardens and hopefully increase community awareness of our presence and mission.

Lavender Garden Work Party Volunteers include: Chris Veach, Pam Cashwell, Kata Springer, Gretchen King, Mary Schroeder, Marcie Katz, Janine Salvatti (apologies if I missed anyone!)