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Joy of Gardening Conference

OMGA 2nd Quarter Board Meeting Minutes

By Beet 2024 07 July

OMGA 2nd Quarter Board Meeting Agenda

June 7, 2024, 3:30 PM   Zoom

June 7, 2024     3:30 pm    Zoom
Agenda Item Discussion/Notes Discussion Leader
Welcome, Agenda Review Chris opened the meeting at 3:31 and called rolll:

Benton Co. – Paula, Central Gorge – Carol, Central Oregon – Karen, Clackamas – not represented , Clatsop – Missy Bright, Columbia – not represented, Coos – Mary Dixson, Curry – Julia Bott, Douglas – Patrice Sipos, Jackson – Colet Allen, Josephine – not represented, Lane – not represented, Lincoln – Laura Strom, Linn – Janice, Marion – Jim, Multnomah – Rich Becker, Polk – Sharon Hill, Tillamook – Diane Devens, Umatilla – Cary Wasem-Varela, Wasco – Dana Greyson

Washington – Debbie

Yamhill – Nancy

Chris Rusch
Additions to the Agenda – Approval        . All
Approval of the Minutes of March meeting Let Chris know if there are any changes needed. Minutes are on the website All
OSU Extension Program Coordinator report ●       Portland has a waiting list of 3,000 people who want to take the MG training. OSU is looking into other pathways for MG. Some people may not want full certification.  Jackson Co has implemented a “Friends of the Garden” pathway. Many people do not recertify but could or are very close. So, looking into how to support recertification efforts.

●       OSU is piloting a new onboarding system for new volunteers which may be used to facilitate recertification/form signing.  This will take some of the labor off of the program coordinators.

●       Would like updates on Seed to Supper.  There were 19 documented S2S classes offered this year. There will be major revisions in program materials this year. Will be looking for a new S2S partner.

Dr. Leslie Madsen
2nd Quarter Financial Report Year to Date Unable to attend, emailed prior to meeting

Link to the Google Sheet (from Janet’s email)

Database/List Serve ●       Missy has pared down the information so just email and phone contact info but not addresses.  She has a link on the spreadsheet to the OSU county websites with all of the addresses, direct emails, etc.

●       She is working on updating a list of county websites with their logos.

●       She will share a link to the Google Spreadsheet without editing rights. We can make our own copy to sort, edit, or download.

●       Missy is also updating the Gaggle Listserv as each name costs money. The decision was to include presidents and reps.

Link to the Google Sheet   (from Missy’s email)

Missy Bright
Newsletter Ann Kinkley
Historian updates Available online. Linda Coakley
Joy of Gardening Conference update ●       Early bird registration ends June 15th.  There are over 140 registered and the goal is at least 200 people.  The registration process and website have been very streamlined this year.  More information is available on the OMGA website.


●       Janice sent the number of people from each county registered at JOG so far. Colet has challenged her county to fill a table.


●       Silent auction update – things are going well, heard from six chapters (which is normal for this time).  Items will need to be delivered Friday morning of the conference. There will be volunteers to help bring things in. Use the north entrance.


Please send Paula a brief description and the estimated retail value. We ask for the equivalent of $300-350 (10 items of $30-35). The sweet spot is between $25-50.  The value of expensive items is rarely recouped.   There has never been a minimum required bid and Paula is disinclined to do that. They average about 65% of the posted retail value overall.  Paula will put together a bidding system for us to consider (minimum bids, etc.).


Counties can also donate cash rather than items.












Awards and Grants The deadline was May 15th.  We received applications from Douglas and Polk counties for the Extension Educator grants.  We did not receive any Search for Excellence applications. Several other applications were received and funds will be awarded. Chris
Advocacy report No updates from previous report. Laura Strom
Website committee report The committee has been in a holding pattern. The next meeting will be in August. They will look at the website structure (links, pathways, etc.). Secondary concerns will be updating the look of the site.  There will also be some updates to language upon committee approval (Growing & Belonging). Leslie/Missy/Laura
New Business
MOU Review, committee request We will form a committee after the conference to work on updating our MOU with OSU.  The current Memorandum is on the website. Chris
Vote on request from Josephine County County Commissioners have decided to defund the extension program so MG’s status is up in the air.  They will vote on the budget at the end of June. If they are defunded, they will have to move out of their building very quickly. Funds will be held in a savings account for a year in the event that new commissioners are voted in and things change and/or they can reorganize.


Motion:  Paula moves that OMGA be the trustees of JC’s funds for a maximum of three years and revisit each year.   Seconded:  Patrice    All in favor.