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Unsung Hero of the Jackson County Master Gardener Program — Ronnie Budge

By December 31, 2022Beet 2023 01 January

This month we want to recognize Ronnie Budge as Jackson County Master Gardeners Association’s Unsung Hero.  Over the years, Ronnie has been very involved with Jackson County Master Gardeners Association.

Ronnie retired from the Jackson County Library System in 2007.  She spent 20 years as director of the 15 library branch organization.  Ronnie was named the 2004 Oregon Librarian of the Year by the Oregon Library Association. When Ronnie retired, she traded in her business attire for her now recognizable flannel shirts. Whenever I see her, she has a smile on her face and encouraging words.

Ronnie is a member of the 2011 OSU Master Gardener class and became a very active Jackson County Master Gardeners Association member.  She has done many different jobs for our organization, including being a Practicum mentor; presenter for our Speakers Bureau; working on Spring Garden Fair; being President-Elect and President.  She chaired the Awards Committee, the Nominations Committee, and the Community Outreach Working Group and has  been involved in many more activities.

I have personally known Ronnie for only two years but during that time I have found her to be a very positive person who can take on a challenging situation and help find the solution.  She is a very hard worker with a great wealth of knowledge.  As the chair of the Community Outreach Working Group, she is a member of the Board of Directors.  We rely on her Jackson County Master Gardeners Association historical knowledge and her knowledge of the Roberts Rules of Order.

This past year, Ronnie moved out of state, but she is still very involved with the Jackson County Master Gardeners Association.  This is now possible by business conducted with Zoom and hybrid meetings.

Ronnie, thank you for your service and friendship.