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Wednesdays in the Gathering Place

By September 29, 2023Beet 2023 10 October

I want to give a huge shout out to all the Garden Education Mentors (GEMs) and student Master Gardeners who attended the Wednesday Demo Garden workdays this season! We have had a steady turnout every week. There were only two Wednesdays that were called off due to excessive heat and/or smoke. The students were exceptional. They came out to work and in return got to know each other and the GEMs. In two gardens, the students took the lead while their GEMs were on vacation or out of commission. Many of the students continued coming, long after they fulfilled their volunteer hours obligation, much to the delight of the gardeners.

When the cow bell rings, it’s time for us to head to the Gathering Place each week. We take a break under the shade of the beautiful old oak tree, as hummingbirds and bees buzz throughout the flowering beds and we recharge ourselves with yummy snacks. Fruit, cakes, chips, cheese and meat trays, biscotti and cookies were some of our favorite delights, along with dispensers of ice water and lemonade or iced tea.

This is a vital part of the Demo Gardens because it is where we meet each other, “talk story” about gardens and share quality time with each other while taking a breather in our grubby work clothes. But alas, the season is ending as September comes to a close. I would like to thank the many GEMs for contributing to our weekly snacks. It was fun to see what was served. I believe the grand prize for imagination goes to Marsha Waite, with her ladybugs on leaves! So, so cute and delicious. THANK YOU, Marsha, for the time you spent making them.

Next year, hopefully there will be an apprentice coordinator who will lead this weekly event. With or without an apprentice coordinator, it will carry on. That’s just how we roll (or dig) out there in the gardens!