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We’re Back!!

So exciting to see so many new and enthusiastic Class of 2023 Master Gardener students!



Jane organized and led a perfect first day for students! 






Barbara Low along with Kathy Apple, Karcie Katz, Colet Allen and Janine Salvatti provided the students with a wonderful potato bar and salad luncheon. They baked potatoes, made chili, and brought all the toppings, cookies, and drinks for about 70 people.

                                                       Our president, Marcie Katz, always hard at work. 



Our newbies were warmly and enthusiastically greeted by Lynn Kunstman, Pam Hiller, and Lucy Pylkki, and Margaret Saydah





Sandy Hammond set up a” free” book table for students. 


We are off to a great start with the Class of 2023!